19 creative ideas to fit a small garden anywhere in your home

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One of the greatest disadvantages of living in a city is that we are in the midst of the concrete jungle, far away from nature. We all wish to have a garden in our home, even if it is small. Believe us, a small garden can be created and maintained even in little space. A tiny little garden can fit anywhere in the house: balcony, the small entrance, that useless corner, vertical walls or even a table.

Finding it hard to believe? Well… you dream it and our designers will work to realize it. Our Homify professionals have designed beautiful small gardens to fit anywhere in your home and fill it with fresh green energy. Take a clue from the pictures and create your own green paradise called garden.

1. ​Symmetrical green patch

Squeeze in the symmetrical green lawn at the entrance. You can also plant a few shrubs here or place a couple of flowering pots. But keep it clean and don’t overcrowd your small little entrance garden.

2. ​Flourishing in the natural light

Decorate the room with greenery if it gets ample natural light. Your room can become your beautiful garden to enjoy.

3. ​A vertical garden

‘Necessity is the mother of all invention.’ Space crunch has given birth to this vertical garden. Create one for your home. It is modern and urbane.

4. ​Sculptured garden

Concrete planters, benches and ornamental plants; this garden is especially designed for the city dwellers.

5. Beneath the stairs

It is a challenge to use the space under the stairs. The slanting space can be transformed into a beautiful garden. Use your creativity and select the plants that will survive in the low light condition.

6. ​Define it with stones

Small patch defined by stones with a few plants on it; even this tiny little green space will give you joy of owning a garden.

7. ​Garden in the pots

A few blooming plants kept on your study table or the window panes is sufficient to brighten your day with freshness.

8. A lazy little garden

Maintaining a gardengarden needs time, care and water. If you are short of it, bring home the plants that require minimum care and water.

9. ​Bathing in nature

Some plants grow well in humidity. Try to create a garden of these plants in your bathroom. Imagine… how natural your bathroom will look and feel.

10. ​Climbers on the walls

Cover the walls with the climbers and enjoy your vertical garden.

11. Garden of fern

Ferns looks good and grow well when put in pots and hung from the roof in an area that gets sufficient sunlight. Create your garden of ferns and enjoy!

12. ​Hanging garden

The corridor or small terrace will be a good place to create a small garden with pots and planters.

13. ​Zen garden

Use the corner of the inner courtyard and convert it into a beautiful garden made up of plants, shrubs, stones and a beautiful fountain.

14. ​Around the coffee table

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee surrounded by plants of all size and shapes.

15. ​Pot full of greenery

Even a single green plant can bring freshness to your home. If you don’t have any place for garden, bring greenery in pots.

16. ​The corner garden

The corner is a tricky place to show your creativity. Create a garden of stones and plants and make it a beautiful space to hang around.

17. Rustic little garden

Bamboo planters with ornamental plants strategically placed in any useless corner of the house will transform it into an amazing garden.

18. ​Sophisticated and classy

Pots, planters and stones; the beauty of this garden is difficult to describe in words.

19. The center-piece

This table-top has been crafted around the tree. The large pot below holds the tree. The hand rest of the sofa too has plants growing in it. See… garden can grow anywhere.

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