17 organizing ideas to make the most of the space available to you

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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For all of you looking to bring law and order back in your home, we're formulating this post. With great ideas to store your stuff away, at the same time contributing to upping the style quotient of your home there's no place else for you to look. 

Let's keep the mess away, shall we?

1. All lined up

Simple racks when brought together bring in an alluring effect on your household on the whole. 

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2. All boxed up

The tendency to dedicate an entire wall to the TV backdrop runs high among most of us. For those of you who are in need of space, look for this design to make the most of every bit of area.

3. Divider shelf

Trendy in all its demeanor is this next idea. Rather than having a simple wall divide the rooms in your home, create provisions for shelves within it. This leaves with you a lot more space that you can utilize for yourself rather than having to sacrifice it for storage. 

4. Honey comb shelves

Create shelves by constructing them in any shape that your heart desires! A honeycomb pattern works well but there's no limit on the extent you can go with experimentation. 

5. One for the niches

Here's another way to ensure that you aren't unnecessarily occupying storage space in your home. Opting for shelves within the pillars can work wonders for the aesthetics of your home

6. A-maze-ing!

Create a maze as opposed to a regular wall unit where you can display artifacts and souvenirs.  

7. For the avid readers

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Style Within

TV Wall Unit

Style Within

Create a display for your own personal library right in your living room. Team it with a few antique sets and you are good to go. 

8. Another brick in the ball

Cosmo Industrial Shelf Unit Industasia Living roomShelves

Cosmo Industrial Shelf Unit


A bricked wall backdrop can be just what you need to spruce up the look of your room as is depicted by this lovely shelf. 

9. Corner stone

Exploit the gaps in the corners by placing a cabinet in there. This makes for an amazing display hiding any awkward spaces that corners tend to leave. 

10. Fixated to the wall

This idea works particularly well because of the fact that the shelf is essentially a part of the wall. A simple protrusion out of the wall for you items to rest makes for the ideal shelf. 

11. Over the moon!

Why stick to the laws of gravity, when you can, for a fact, defy them? Shelves when placed closer to the ceiling leave a long lasting impact. They can easily replace the need for a single loft. 

12. Nice and tidy

For those of you looking to conceal your artifacts and belongings, look to replicate this design. It ensures that things stay in place while cocntributing to a need and tidy atomosphere. 

13. A spot of sunshine

Pair up an all white wall with mustard cupboards such as these. For more matching and merging, pick decor that is of the same hue to create a single concept right through your living room.

14. Front and center!

Keep things modern and subtle with this rendition of wall units. 

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15. Irregularity at its best

An asymmetric structure that houses all things small and big is exactly what your living room if you're looking to keep things trendy and modern. 

16. Longitudinal shelves

A single rack running along the wall is just what you need. 

17. Chaotic

Switch things up a bit by adding in shelves of different sizes, shapes and orientations! Crooked, straight- it doesn't matter. Make sure you're having a good time making a mess of things. 

We hope to have shelved a few ideas in your mind. Until next time comrades. 

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