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Single storey houses are suitable for small families. However, at one point of time you might feel that the size of the house is not sufficient and you want to have a larger house. But expansion of the house at ground floor might not be possible as the available terrain might not be large. In such a situation, there is no other option than building a second storey on the first one and increase the area in the house. There are amazing designs of two storey houses that you can create for your dream house. Take advantage of the vertical space and create the house you always aspired for.

Check out these outstanding 21 designs of two-storey houses:

1. An imposing façade

Pillars and columns provide an imposing effect on the façade of a property and this is seen in this house. The columns here are seen to provide support to the roof of the house. The height and the structure provide an imposing appearance to the house. Special mention needs to be made of the white windows, detailing of the garage door and the wooden door – all these impact the overall appearance of the property.

2. Curved design with urban landscaping

The curved design of the building façade is the most interesting thing about the house. Both the ground floor and the first floor structures have curved design. The same designs are replicated in the entrance and floor designs. The entrance has circles in light shades on the red brick floor. The illumination in the house also makes it look attractive and so do the white and sand colour tones.

3. Coatings on facades

In two-storey buildings, you might look to highlight some parts of the structure in a unique manner. In this house, some parts of the façade are covered in stone, which is a natural material. Other materials can also be used instead of stone. Light brown stone has been used in the façade of the house in this case, which is in complete contrast to the white color of the house overall. Different spaces in the house can be differentiated in this manner.

4. House with Mediterranean looking lines

Taking a look at this house will make you remember Mediterranean style houses. Some notable features of the house include the clay tiles by the edges of sloping roofs, the elongated glass windows etc. Special mention needs to be made of the high door that makes the main entrance and it has glass included in the ornately carved frames. A small house with lovely design.

5. Charming style of the 2-storey building

Straight designs are one of the most popular choices in two-storey houses. This style is simple and in classic lines. The features that make the property attractive include wrought iron gate grilles, railings on balconies etc. These impart characteristics of colonial houses to the structure.

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6. Extremely modern style with many elements combined in one

This two-storey house has an amazing façade. All natural elements like stone, wood and glass have been used in the house in different styles. The house is designed on modern lines. The garden in front of the house with pedestrian access formed by stone slabs has added elegance to the property. Grass and creeping plants add touches of greenery to the façade.

7. Country style houses

This double-storey house has been inspired by Italian Tuscany. The house has perfect combination of stone, tiles and wood. There is also greenery spread across the property. The tall metal gates impart a sense of added security. The blue windows on the first floor remind one of the peasant constructions.

8. Natural rustic design

Rustic style is evident in every aspect of this two-storey house. The rusticity of the structure is well in sync with the greenery surrounding the place. The log pillars, the wooden and stone combination and the glass windows with wooden frames make this property look really unique and outstanding. The slanting roofs make the house look all the more attractive.

9. Amazing creative design in the two-storey building

Taking a look at this house will leave you amazed as the design of the property is unique. This house does not have much area on the ground floor, but has considerable space on the first floor. The roof is completely sloping and gives the house a unique appeal. There is a balcony on the first floor, which opens the house to the exteriors. It is also the source of ventilation and light entry to the first floor of the property.

You can hire a designer to achieve the look that you desire.

10. Industrial style and pattern in modern house design

This modern style house has the grey colour of the concrete on the exteriors of the house. But what makes the house stand out is the industrial style construction with lattice blocks in dark yellow colour in sharp contrast to the pale grey colour. These blocks allow ventilation and lighting on the top floor. The steel railings on the balcony of the first floor are also impressive.

11. Latticework and wood work on the façade

The combination of wood and lattice on the façade makes the property look really attractive. This pattern covers the ground floor as well as the first floor of the property. The louvers are in black metal and allow adequate ventilation of the property.

12. Dark wooden lattices, clear glass walls

This two storey house has an urban and modern design. The glass walls provide clear view to the exteriors of the house. The walls are of light colour and just in contrast are the dark wooden lattices. One part of the roof is sloping and has clay tiles; while the flat roof also has tiles. There is a rustic feel to the whole structure and the house definitely has some strong character.

13. Voluminous façade with overlapping walls

The most interesting part of this two-storey structure is the overlapping walls. This helps in imparting a sense of volume to the structure. The first floor has transparent balcony railings and this makes the place looks spacious. The main door is wooden but has glass portion towards the upper side of the door. There is small landscape area in front of the house. With proper illumination, the house has a magical effect.

14. Exceptional symmetry in house designing

The symmetry that this house presents is just awesome. Open to the outside, there is a back garden which sync well with the whole setup. The terrace is also designed in an interesting manner which connects the home interiors to the expansive green courtyard that surrounds the house. There are two distinct facades on the first floor separated by the sloping roof in between.

15. Surrounded by trees amidst natural settings

The speciality of this two-storey house is that there are different levels that are visible in the façade of the house. While some levels seem upfront, others seem to be in the background. There is a feeling of spaciousness and airiness in the house and this is possible due to the natural surroundings in which the house is set.

16. Complete rustic setting

 When you have first glance at the house, you will feel like you have come to a beach property. The rustic air that prevails around the house is great. Wood, stone, wrought iron and natural greenery all the combined in the making and designing of this property. The transparent balcony in the first floor adds to the appeal of the house excellently.

17. Façade with wood, stone and glass

This house has a very clear and crisp design. There is a balcony attached to a room on the first floor which has transparent railings. The main door is made of wood and has lattices of the same material on the same. There is a stone wall next to the door, which is in neutral shade. The area above the door has wooden accents. On the extreme left are detailed glass finishing, which add elegance to the house greatly.

18. Lattices and neutral colours

This house is not only set amidst expansive stretches of greenery, it also has a lovely landscape area right in front of the property. The house has a very modern design and addition of lattices in a very smart manner has taken the design of the house to a new dimension altogether. The use of neutral colours also enhances the effects of the lattices significantly.

19. Exceptional use of artificial lighting

Practically speaking, the beauty of this house is all in the artificial lighting and illumination system. The façade of the house has glass walls and hence the interiors are visible to an extent. The box-styled house looks very animated kind. There is abundant parking space in the ground floor.

20. The eco-friendly house


This house can be easily termed as sustainable house. The property is designed in such a manner that rooms in both the floors will get abundant light and air. The top floor has sloping roof, which has solar panels installed on the same for producing natural energy. There is abundant open stretch of land in front of the house, giving the property a more spacious feel.

21. Imposing door in modern looking house

The main attraction of this two-storey building is the imposing wooden door. Otherwise the façade of the house is made of glass and concrete only. Constructed using neutral colours, the wooden door add some contrast shade to the property.

Utilise these great ideas for building your two-storey dream house.

Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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