15 ideas for your TV unit

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TV units are usually the focal point in the living room, hence more attention should be paid to the TV area and wall. The TV unit can be a part of the decorative elements of your home and deserves the emphasis too. Small rooms and large rooms may require different designs. Here are some examples of designs you could try at home. We hope you will  be inspired! 

1. Raised console

If you have a long living room you can choose to have raised consoles as pictured here. Pick out a suitable decoration that compliments the geometric structure of the space. 

2. Modern halls

You don't always have to show off the unit. Discreetly hiding your television in a darkened strip of the wall appears sophisticated and stylish too. 

3. Scandinavian design

CB Apartment - Lisbon, MUDA Home Design MUDA Home Design Modern living room
MUDA Home Design

CB Apartment—Lisbon

MUDA Home Design

The Scandinavian design is simple and contemporary. The no fuss concept of the design is suitable for modern homes. 

4. Find an alternative for the TV cabinet

You don't necessarily need a TV cabinet. You can also used an old trunk as pictured here or a stack of pallets if that suits your style better. 

5. Multifunctional furniture

When you assign two functions to one piece of furniture, you save space. As you can see here, the TV unit is placed on a book shelf.

6. Stone wall motifs

Stone wall motifs are trendy and rustic, but make sure it blends in well with the rest of the apartment by including elements of wood to the design. 

7. Hang it

If you really want to save space, then hang your TV unit—mount it to the wall. 

8. Add greenery

Adding a few small potted plants around the TV area can do a lot to decorate the area and give the living room a fresh vibe. 

9. Decorate the TV wall

Many people often leave the TV wall blank. However, it actually looks quite nice with a few framed up pictures don't you think? 

10. Retro charm

If you're a minimalist and like to keep it simple but stylish, pick out a retro cabinet like the one pictured here. Adding a few details in the background wall gives the space an artistic touch. 

11. Built-in TV unit

Built-in TV units are great because they can be in perfect proportion to the geometrical structure of the room. This may be a good idea, especially if your living room has awkward corners and shapes. 

12. Wallpaper

Using wallpaper to highlight the TV wall is a great opportunity to create a whole new style for the living room. Try coordinating the wallpaper with the rug on the floor or decorations in the living room. 

13. Prop it up

If you have a large window or a glass wall like pictured here, just using a simple pole to hold up your TV looks ultra chic, and you have a great background for the TV too. 

14. Drawers for other entertainment units

If you have other entertainment units such as a DVD player or Playstation, drawers can come in quite handy. 

15. Fireplace

You can add comfort and warmth to your TV area by integrating a fireplace nearby or below it. 

For more inspiration, have a look at TV furniture for total entertainment.

Which TV idea do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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