14 ideas to decorate the walls with stone and light

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People have an idea that for changing the interior décor of a place, a lot of expense needs to be incurred. But it is not so. Instead of changing the whole décor, try implementing changes in certain aspects and you will see great changes overall. You can work on a single wall in the room for giving the place a new look and appearance altogether.

Various kinds of materials are available which can be used for enhancing interior décor. It is recommended to choose the right materials for décor so that your personality can be reflected through the room décor. Using stone and wood with suitable lighting is quite common for general décor in many houses.

Mentioned below are 14 amazing ways in which you can work with stone and wood for your wall

1. Slabs in beautiful neutral tones – crème and beige being common choices

Create an original looking wall with stone placements. The stone can have slight texture or it can be plain as well. Frankly the stone does not define the beauty of the wall; it is the lighting that creates a sense of light and shadow and makes the wall extremely beautiful. The stone slabs can be placed horizontally or vertically as per the interior settings; but the lighting on the slabs should always come from above for best view.

2. Combination of brick and stones

Most of the walls in houses are made of brick. Instead of plastering one wall, leave it in raw condition with may be a splash of paint to retain the rugged look. Right in the center of the brick wall, create a design or pattern with rounded stones, that are mostly found near riverbeds etc. It is preferred that the stones are colored in some contrast shade to the color of the bricks. Lighting should be done from below so that the whole wall lights up. A hanging ceiling light completes the look of the place. The room has a rustic yet elegant appeal.

3. Fire and stone together

This room has a rustic wall of fine stones and is in dark grey shades. There is also a modern fireplace along the floor. On the whole the setting of the room is distinct and unique and has a special character. There are two kinds of lighting implemented in the room. The ceiling light is bold and strong; while the lower one is subtle and soft. Overall the impact is quite distinct.

4. Large stones in varying tones

Take a look at this extremely prim and proper room. One wall in the room is made of large stone slabs. Right in front of the wall is the elegant sofa in neutral shade. It depends on the settings and the style of the room as what kinds and tones of stone slabs can be used there. The dimensions of the stones will also vary from one another from one room to another.

5. Stones used as wall cladding with shelf

Take a look at the wall and you will find that the texture of stone has been combined in an excellent manner. There is also a shelf attached to the stone wall on which various kinds of items, decorative pieces, photo frames etc can be kept conveniently. Lighting is provided from above and below for the best visual effects. The décor style is simple, but makes the whole place look elegant.

6. The original granular style

This particular wall décor has round stone cladding and comes with an even granular structure and texture. There is not much to this wall design, but the impact that is made is great. Lighting on the wall is provided from the top with small lights situated at a short distance from one another. The minimalist design helps in keeping the room airy and cosy.

7. Slabs in different dimensions

Using stone slabs in different sizes and in neutral tones for a pillar or a narrow wall can show excellent results. Lighting on these walls should be from below so that the asymmetrical design of the slabs is accentuated. The composition on the wall can be as per your own preference. This décor helps in making an elegant dwelling.

8. LED bulbs embedded in stones

Lights can change the way a place looks completely. Instead of using lights from above and below, try embedding LED lights in stones of which the wall is made. When placed inside a small stone cladding, the LED lights look great and impart a dramatic effect to the place.

9. Complete rustic wall

Just take a look at the rustic wall of this room and you are sure to fall in love with the place. The rustic stone wall takes the beauty of the room to another dimension for sure. General lighting is used in this room for accentuating the natural tones and the texture of the stone wall.

10. Using stone walls in house exteriors

When your house has great exteriors, you can accentuate the same by various means. Utilise natural light and rusticity of the stone for creating the best impact. For the night time, arrange for some artificial lights so that the rustic wall can be emphasised. This will help in getting an excellently modern and elegant exterior décor.

11. Wall with wooden and stone slabs

A wall made of asymmetrical slabs of wood or stone can help in giving a unique appeal to any room. The lighting should not be focused at any particular point, but should be diffused and reach to every corner of the room. Keep the interior décor in sync with this wall and ambient lighting for perfect results.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

12. The interior courtyard

This small place adjacent to the main room of a house can act as a social area. The stone wall, the greenery and the rustic setting of the place along with the lighting from above the patio makes this area a distinct place in the house. The texture of the stone wall is also highlighted with the lighting. Do not forget to check the flooring of the place as well.

13. The stone wall in the bathroom

Along with other areas of the house, the stone wall can be constructed in the bathroom as well. Just one wall will be made of stone and should be in complete contrasting shade when compared to the other walls as well as the interiors of the bathroom. The stone wall makes the bathroom look really different and elegant.

14. In the fencing of the house

 You might have noticed that the wall that goes by the fencing and stairs in a house is made of a different coloured stone. This is what makes the exteriors of the house stand apart from others. The stairs and the skirting are usually made in contrasting dark shades when compared to that of the stone wall colour.

Implementing these styles in home décor is not something very expensive. You just need to be creative and innovative for the same. If you are short on ideas, contact a good home décor expert or interior decorator for assistance.

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