10 ideas of modern sliding doors for your home

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A good interior of a home is where every inch of the available space is harnessed to its maximum. In modern world where the size of the homes has shrunk, it has become the utmost priority of professionals to design a comfortable and beautiful interior within that limited space. Among the other space-saving ideas, sliding doors have become quite popular these days. The technique of the sliding door allows it to disappear in the wall or in the space it has been fixed. Above all, it allows you to be innovative and creative with its design.

Today we have brought 10 stunning ideas of modern sliding doors specially designed by our interior designers. Have a look and get inspired!

1. Dual purpose door

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It is an intelligent use of the sliding door and a smart way to divide the space. When the door is closed, it is just a wall dividing the two rooms. When you open the door, it hides a book cabinet behind it. Isn’t it amazing!

2. ​A private garden

When you want to have an indoor garden but don’t have the space for it, create one in the corner. Define the area with clean and clear sliding doors and bring the greenery home.

3. ​The colors of rainbow

We Indians love color! So why not color the sliding doors and make the room vibrant. Your kids will love it.

4. ​Hide the kitchen chaos

Keeping your kitchen organized is a task, but hiding the chaos is an art. Take a clue from here and hide the kitchen of your small apartment behind the sliding doors. The kitchen will look differently beautiful all the time.

5. ​Cover the cabinets

You can show your creativity on the sliding doors of the cabinet. The shiny surface of the doors can trick your mind and make the room look bigger and feel spacious.

6. ​Pocket doors

The pocket door is a technique used for the sliding doors where the door hides inside the wall. This is very modern and looks great.

7. ​Rustic charm of wood

The warmth of wood is contagious. Let the rustic charm of wood extend up to the sliding doors. Appreciate the magic and theatre it creates!

8. ​A wall of sliding doors

Be courageous and replace the boring concrete wall with frosted glass sliding doors and see how sensational and modern it looks. What do you reckon?

9. ​Patterned partition

Interiorismo Departamentos Las Ventanas, BAO BAO Modern style doors Doors

Be original when using the sliding doors as a partition. Make some patterns on it and give your personal touch to it.

10. ​Inside outside

End to end glass sliding doors can easily integrate the two different worlds and converge it into one huge space. So bring the inner courtyard or the back garden of your home inside the house and enjoy the view.

If you are looking for some ideas to separate the space creatively, then this one is just for you: 15 stylish ideas to separate spaces in your home 

Which sliding door do you think will suit in your modern and stylish home? Do let us know in your comments below.

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