48 pictures of small bathrooms to inspire you

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Gone are the days where space restrictions got in the way of interior decorators. The norm of late has been to make do with what's available. A little perspective is all you need to change your perception of space. By adding  the right colors or elements you can work wonders on a small bathroom. 

The connoisseurs at homify present to you 48 small bathroom ideas that you do not want to miss out on. 

1. Hole in the wall

To make up for the lack of cabins, here comes a bath with shelves cut out of the wall. 

2. Glossy finished walls

Why settle for plain old tiles when mosaic tiles are a happening option? 

3. Water green mosaic to light up the room

Contrasting tones pack quite the impact as is evident from the aforementioned lavatory. 

4. Mirror on the wall

Look into the magic mirror to make your bathroom seem larger. 

5. Modernistic

Asymmetric designs are becoming, and how! A beautiful blend of wooden and tiled walls is displayed in this bathroom. 

6. Oh majesty!

Why shut the door on royalty when you can welcome it? Add in a classy chandelier to complement those intricate tiles and you are good to go. 

7. The upper class

A raised bath tub is seen in the above picture turning it into a veritable oasis of comfort. 

8. Reflections are abound

For tiny bathrooms, mirrors are the ideal companion. 

For more inspiration, follow this link. 

9. Of Moroccan heritage

Wooden floors and grey tiles make for the ideal pairing as is evident in this picture. 

10. A spot of white

The upper half of this lavatory sticks to white tones while the bottom half comes in a grey tone. 

11. Neat and tidy

Keep it simple and elegant as in the case of this wooden ensemble. 

12. A pop of color

To give your bathroom a life of its own, add in some bright colors. 

13. Modern art in the bathroom

This bathroom comes with a little surprise in the shower! Artistic motifs are added to two walls of the shower, while glass doors complete the remaining two. 

14. Which one's your better half?

When space limits you, pick a clever design such as this. 

15. The shining star!

A gold rimmed mirror combined with a black bathroom slab is all you need to rake in the glamour factor. 

16. Dark tones for a greater impact.

The indomitable duo of violet and black are celebrated in this bathroom creating a modern appeal. 

17. One of each kind

This bathroom may not be blessed with space, but it makes up for that with the integration of color and elements. 

18. Pastel tones

This bathroom oozes elegance which is brought about by the combination of brown and white hues. 

19. Rustic

Pay homage to yesteryear with this unique bathroom. 

20. Brick painted walls

Create a bit of street art right in the comfort of your loo! 

21. On a wooden platter

Wooden blocks tend to stand out anywhere that they're placed in.

22. Rise and shine

A beautiful way to design a bathroom is in the preceding manner. 

23. Minimalistic

Stick to an all white ensemble to create an atmosphere of relaxation. 

24. High on gray

Add in a few hanging lights to complete your lavatory. 

25. Rope in nature

Here's a design that works particularly because of the potted flowers against the indigo painted wall. Topped off wit a brown framed rectangular mirror, this one's picture perfect. 

26. Asymmetrical furniture

To make the most of corners, opt for customized furniture. This adds a unique look to the bathroom. 

27. Melamine in the loo

Melamine structures have a certain look to them that cannot be replicated by anything else. 

28. Accessorize

Off white hues add a sense of tranquility to a bathroom that doesn't come with many hues.

29. Sea delight

Add a little blue to your bathroom by choosing a blue tiled wall. Any color can be experimented with so tickle your whims and fancies as you explore the deeper end. 

30. Luxurious living

A large bath tub might cause you to compromise on space but that is no matter when comfort is at stake. 

31. Ceramic coatings

Mellow blue is yet another color to incorporate in your bath. Simple white structures when paired up against it creates an ocean of a difference. 

32. Aquarium inspired wash basin

An integration of a glass wash basin comes with perks of its own. 

33. Organized living

This one appeals to all the Simple Simons out there!

34. Beige beauty

Play around with different tones of beige to give rise to a bathroom such as this. 

35. Old rose ceramics

Rope in a rosy vibe with this choice of colors. This adds a feminine touch to the overall look of your lavatory. 

36. The little things

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference in the world such as this colorful rug. 

37. Two in one

If your bathroom allows for the addition of the washing machine to it, then incorporate the same in cabins. 

38. Oval shaped basin

Dimmed lights works wonders on the overall feel of a room and the same applies to this bathroom. 

39. Sliding doors

Sliding doors that are transparent create an illusion of a larger space as is demonstrated in this bathroom. 

40. All boxed up

Opt for charcoal brown tones to steal the limelight from the lack of space. 

41. Antique inspiration

Classic handles have been added to the cabins to add dynamism to them. 

42. Multipurpose

A bathroom that houses everything is truly complete. 

43. Smaller articles

For smaller spaces, look for smaller articles to add in the bathroom such as stools. 

44. Elongated windows

Longitudinal windows work just as well as do latitudinal ones so don't hesitate to add them in. 

45. Horizontal mirros

A twist on the usual way a mirror is incorporated in a bathroom is demonstrated in this bathroom. 

46. Bright bold colors

Dark hues contribute to depth in a particular room. 

47. A modern bathroom

Don't hesitate to mix and match when it comes to the elements you would like to have in your bathroom. 

48. Petals in the wind

Unleash the child within as you explore this design. 

Tell us which one hit the spot for you. 

Overloaded with ideas yet? 

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