18 ideas to add a library to your house

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Reading books is something that most of us love and the best way to keep your home organised is by creating a library. Incorporating a library in your home does not necessary means adding a bookshelf. Rather you can create a customised zone where you can sit and enjoy reading in your spare time. 

To give you an idea how you can build a beautiful looking library here are 18 creative designs that we have put together.

1. Designer open cabinets

If you do not want to cover any floor space for your bookshelf then these designer open cabinets are a must for your home.

2. Cement shelves

To say space and yet have a beautiful bookshelf creating these low depth cement cupboards can also be an ideal option.

3. Open shelves

Interior of a Wooden House Namas Rustic style living room Solid Wood Multicolored interior,wooden house,wooden shelf,fireplace

If you want to place your library in your living room then building these wall mounted open shelves can be worth a shot.

4. In-built cabinets

If you have a similar partition wall in your house than creating these inbuilt cabinets is a great choice.

5. Wooden cabinets

Custom designed shelf including a fireplace, FURN FURN Interior garden Interior landscaping

Building wooden cabinets from easily available material can also give your personal library you unique and natural touch.

6. Wall of shelves

Custom shelf wall, FURN FURN Interior garden Interior landscaping

If you have a lot of books that need to be stored then building a wall of shelves like seen in the picture is also highly recommended.

7. Metal and wood rack

For those of you who are willing to use a little floor space for their library then building a metal and wood rack similar to this is an excellent option.

8. Entertainment unit and library

Your personal library can also be combined with the entertainment zone. You just need to build these customised racks above your TV unit to make the space multi functional.

9. Corner shelves

To make your room look open and yet have a library creating these inbuilt corner shelves is another way to go.

10. Library unit

You can customise your library unit by using the same material that you used for building your house. In this case the designer has opted for a wooden floor that combines into a wooden library unit.

11. Storage and library unit

If you want to create a multi purpose library unit then you can combine them with your living room storage like the designer has done for this room.

12. Handing shelves

Incorporating hanging shelves to your ceiling is another way to add a personal library in your home without wasting any floor area.

13. Fiber door cabinets

If you want your library to be out of sight then creating fibre door cabinets like these is a great alternative.

14. Wall mounted shelves

Wall mounted open cabinets like these will not only give you enough space to store your books but will also make your room look beautiful.

15. Wall mounted shelves

If you are looking for an alternative design for wall mounted library then these open shelves can also be an excellent choice.

16. Geometric design cabinets

16. If you want your library to look unique then opting for such geometric designs can also be the perfect option.

17. Concealed libraray

Another way to create a concealed library is by opting for wooden doors for your library cabinets.

18. Wooden boxes

For those of you who love unique pieces of furniture than creating a library from old wooden boxes is worth a shot.

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