18 pictures of entrance hallways to inspire you

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If you want your guests to have a lasting impression of your house then decorating your entrance hallway is a must. Although there are numerous designs online that you can use as reference. But to give you an idea of the top decoration options here are 18 pictures of entrance hallways that we have put together.

1. Wall hangings

One of the simplest ways of making your entrance look beautiful is by adding artistic wall hangings.

2. Plants

If you want to give your home a natural touch then adding locally grown plants is an ideal choice.

3. Sleek table and stools

If you have enough space in your entrance lobby then adding a sleek table and sitting stools is another great option.

4. Decorative mirrors

For those of you who want to make their lobby look brighter than adding similar looking decorative mirror pieces is an excellent idea.

5. Flower pots

The best way to give your interiors a touch of colour is by adding flower pots wherever possible.

6. Wooden desk

If you want your hallway to look grand then adding a similar sleek wooden desk can also be worth considering.

7. Floor rug

Incorporating such floor rugs will not only save your ground against stains and dust but will also help complete the look.

8. Wall mounted cabinets

If you do not want to waste any floor space than opting for a similar wall mounted cabinet can be a good choice.

9. Hangers and hooks

Another way to save floor area is by adding such wall mounted hangers and hooks on your hallway wall.

10. Figurines

If you love antiques then opting for similar looking figurines for your entrance hallway will give you the desired look.

11. Paintings

Incorporating paintings in your lobby is another way to achieve a grand looking entrance hallway without much effort.

12. Seating area

If you have a wide hallway then adding a two person sitting arrangement is a must. This will give you a waiting area for your guests.

13. Floor tiles

Another inexpensive way to spruce up your entrance hallway is by adding tiles or natural stone to the floor like seen in this picture.

14. Lounger

Seating arrangements can also be created by using a long lounger like the designer has used for this area.

15. Coat hanger

Similar looking creative coat hangers are also an ideal option for adding to your entrance hallway. They also take less space making them a great choice.

16. Storage unit

Projeto PA 01, HAUS HAUS Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

If you want your entrance to look customise then creating a similar storage unit is a must. You can use wood or laminated sheets to get a personalised appearance.

17. Wall art

Opting for wall art is yet another way of designing your entrance hallway. In this case the designer has opted for artistic masks to turn them into the center of attention.

18. Light fixtures

Similar looking LED light fixtures are also a great addition to your entrance hallway. They will make sure that your lobby is well lit always.

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