tropical Bedroom by MORADA CUATRO

26 images of bedrooms with beautiful view

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Imagine waking up every morning and walking up to the terrace and breathe in some fresh air. Imagine relaxing in your bed after a long day listening to the silence of the nature just beside your bed. You are really lucky if you have your own private terrace attached to your bedroom. If you don’t but really want to have one, then this ideabook is for you.

We have compiled 26 images of bedrooms to inspire you. All the projects have been designed by our expert architects and interior designers. The specialty of these bedrooms is that it opens towards terrace or gardens or inner courtyard or to sum up all… to an amazing view.

Let’s enjoy the view!

1. A few steps to the courtyard

2. Unobstructed view of the nature

3. Elegant way to walk to the garden

modern Bedroom by MARIANGEL COGHLAN

4. Bright and vibrant

modern Bedroom by Taller Luis Esquinca
Taller Luis Esquinca

recamara principal

Taller Luis Esquinca

5. Shack on the beach

7. Small balcony for small room

eclectic Bedroom by Erika Winters® Design
Erika Winters® Design

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design

Erika Winters® Design

10. Warmth that the wood spreads

country Bedroom by Ferraro Habitat
Ferraro Habitat

Casa da Floresta

Ferraro Habitat

12. Rustic charm of stone

minimalistic Bedroom by EMERGENTE | Arquitectura
EMERGENTE | Arquitectura

Recámara Principal

EMERGENTE | Arquitectura

13. A walk right into the lap of nature

14. Merging with the surrounding

16. Inspired by the nature

tropical Bedroom by BR  ARQUITECTOS

Villa Farallón 14


17. Youthful charm for the young at heart

18. A balcony to watch the city skyline

modern Bedroom by Gruppo Castaldi | Roma
Gruppo Castaldi | Roma

La Camera da letto

Gruppo Castaldi | Roma

19. Colonial charm for the stylish people

modern Bedroom by MOB ARCHITECTS

20. Full size view right from the bed

modern Bedroom by Boué Arquitectos
Boué Arquitectos

Perú 87—Boué Arquitectos

Boué Arquitectos

21. Panoramic view of the garden

22. Blissfully at peace

23. Terrace for the kids too

24. Slanting beauty

25. As calm as nature

26. A big wide terrace to enjoy!

modern Bedroom by Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos
Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

Real de Hacienda III—Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

Now when you have a beautiful bedroom with terrace, you will need some more ideas to decorate it and make it beautiful.

If you need some ideas to make your terrace green, you will love this ideabook: 15 Beautiful and green ideas for your terrace

Which picture of the bedroom with terrace or courtyard inspired you the most? Leave a comment. 
modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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