A colourful family home in Mumbai

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If you're looking for new ideas for your home, this colourful family home in Mumbai might just have the inspiration you were looking for. The artistically designed home is intricately decorated and filled with colour and light, but in just the right amounts. There is also a particularly modern Indian flavour to the home, with flashy designs and neon lights being the protagonist. You could almost imagine a Bollywood movie being filmed here! Join us on this tour of a beautiful home designed by home makers interior designers & decorators and be inspired to try something new at home. 

A grand living room

Grand Living Room homify Modern living room

Grand Living Room


The living room is grand yet cosy, with embellishments of gold art on the wall, parquet wooden flooring, a supersized comfy sofa and colourful  decorations. 

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Artistically designed hallway

Second Passage homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs Amber/Gold

Second Passage


The intricate motifs on the walls and ceiling together with the golden glow of the spot lights dotted along the narrow corridor make this hallway blissfully artistic. The blue lighting adds some colour to this space very subtly. But if you want to see real magic, you have to see the explosions of colour in this beautiful home. 

A cheery welcome

Entrance homify Modern houses



The main entrance reveals the first explosion of colour—red, a colour which you will see dominating other parts of the house as well. Contrasted against a white background, the floral motifs pop out and make the other decorations stand out as well, giving it a happy vibe. Who doesn't like a cheery welcome anyway? 

Another nice hallway

Passage homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs



Hallways are like little mysterious passageways and can really spice up your home if decorated well. Pictured here we see a pretty red lamp shade in an interesting design enhancing the aesthetics of this space. The fiber glass walls on one side are printed with autumn leaves, while the wall opposite it has displays of artwork. The result is a very visually interesting hallway. 

Clean white kitchen

Kitchen 2 homify Modern kitchen White

Kitchen 2


There's just something about white kitchens—everyone seems to want one! Maybe it's because it psychologically makes us think of clean, and everyone wants a clean kitchen of course. Except for the light wood flooring, this kitchen is basically all white… and so dreamy! 

A bright bedroom

Red Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom Red

Red Bedroom


If you prefer stimulating environments compared to calmer environments, then choose to use a colour like red as a dominant colour in your bedroom. It doesn't mean everything has to be red—that might be a disaster! Just colour parts of the bedroom red, like the bed sheets, curtains, decorations and furniture. 

A matching bathroom

Red Washroom homify Modern bathroom Red

Red Washroom


The attached bathroom takes on a deeper red contrasted against shiny white tiles, the result is a sleek, sexy bathroom. We love the little enclave in the wall with the mosaic tiles—a nice touch to the bathroom. 

Optical illusion or bedroom?

Guest Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom

Guest Bedroom


The combination of black and white is a classic and works well for most spaces. Pictured here we see this bedroom taking on a plethora of patterns in black and white, resulting in an interesting hypnotic effect and mood. It's pretty simple to recreate with wallpaper and the right bedsheets or curtains. 

The princess bedroom

Daughter's Bedroom 2 homify Modern style bedroom

Daughter's Bedroom 2


Every little girl needs a princess bedroom—somewhere where fairies and unicorns can exist and feel at home. The purple and pink shades together with the accent wall somehow makes this room special

Mini sauna

Daughter's Washroom 2 homify Modern bathroom Blue

Daughter's Washroom 2


Yes you heard that right… mini sauna. You can have a really compact version such as this one installed in your bathroom without taking up too much space. The health benefits of sitting in a sauna is tremendous, and that's the best part, that's all you have to do… just sit there. 

Master bedroom

Master Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom

Master Bedroom


The master bedroom has an eclectic design with mismatched patterns and colours all over the place, yet somehow there is so much harmony in this chaotic design. It has so much of personality and character too and the funky purple lights set the perfect mood for the room. 

A splash of colour in the bathroom

Master Washroom homify Modern bathroom White

Master Washroom


You can see some continuity from the master bedroom in this bathroom, with the swirly multi-coloured feature on the wall and the gold sink matching the gold enclave in the ceiling of the bedroom. 

What did you like most about this family home in Mumbai? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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