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It is needless to say that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. But have you noticed that having an interesting and captivating headboard can shift all the focus from the bed to the headboard in the bedroom? For many people having a headboard is not that necessary. But once you check out the amazing designs below, you will surely want a headboard. The best thing about all the designs that will be mentioned below is that they are not very expensive but look great. Infact they can change the complete décor of the bedroom.

1. Oriental inspired geometric designs and patterns

Check out this smart looking headboard with oriental designs and patterns. The combination of carved wood and geometric patterns helps in imparting light sensation with dynamism and movement. Once installed on the wall, the pattern does not make the wall look saturated and clumsy.

2. Colourful yet simple

Headboards are made of different materials, iron and wood being the common options. This headboard has a simple rectangular structure and has nothing fancy about it. Infact it does not sync with the settings of the place too. And this is where it is exclusive. The structure of the headboard along with its turquoise blue color adds personality to the whole bedroom.

3. Wallpaper for sensational patterns

This is probably the easiest and simplest way of implementing a headboard. For the actual feeling, upholster a strip of wallpaper so that just the area of the headboard is covered or at the most the wall above the bed is covered. There are many designs and patterns in which wallpapers are available; choose a suitable one for this purpose.

4. Using vinyl for their versatility and charm

Vinyl is used extensively for interior décor for there are many designs and patterns available and they are economical at the same time. Using vinyl is also simple and easy and it can change the appearance of a place without investing much money and effort behind the same.

5. Wooden headboards for eternal warmth and charm

Wood stands for warmth and coziness along with being elegant at the same time. This is the reason that wooden accents are used extensively in home interiors and designing. This youthful headboard looks fantastic as it is adaptable to various trends and styles.

6. For the creative minds

This is also in continuation with wooden headboards, but with a twist. This headboard has painting done on wood. Creative minds can explore their creativity and artistic frame of mind on the wooden board and make it come alive with paintings and other designs.

7. Placing pictures right above the bed

If you are looking for an original as well as economical headboard, there is no better option than using images and pictures for the same. The type and the style of the pictures chosen can be decided as per your preference.

8. A sensational screen can create magic

Screens are mainly used for creating temporary partitions in an area. They are also used in places where people look for greater privacy. Placing such a screen as a headboard is a simply great idea and an original one as well. Try installing a screen in contrasting shade to make the difference in the bedroom.

9. Recycled wooden boards

Parisian style Pixers Classic style bedroom Beige dots,wall mural,wallpaper

Parisian style


Wooden boards and pallets after recycling can be used as headboards. Use your creativity and paint the boards in attractive shades. You can also draw interesting designs and patterns on the boards. Sensational headboards are ready with almost no investment.

10. Headboard with mirrors for glossy finish

Mirrors can bring in abundant changes in the way a room looks and feels. Using mirrors in the room makes the place brighter and fresh. Sunlight is reflected via the mirrors giving a spacious feel to the place. Place mirrors strategically in the room and above the bed for creating unique headboard.

11. The rustic charm and appeal

There are very simple things, which can bring in a total and complete makeover in a place without the need of doing much. Natural sticks and logs can help in making excellent headboards for your bedroom. Use these natural pieces in the most innovative manner or creating an exclusive headboard. If required also work a little on the interiors of the bedroom to enhance the rustic appeal of the place.

12. Reusing old wooden doors

Instead of throwing away the old wooden doors, why not use them for some good purpose? Try cutting the door into two pieces and use as a headboard. They will not look very bad if done in the right manner. Just the interiors should be in sync with the same.

13. Photomural

Investing in a photomural will not need you to spend much, but the highly impressive results that you will get need special mention for sure. Use a photo mural as a headboard and you cannot imagine what a great thing it will be. The mural can be an image of your favorite beach or your favorite city etc. You wake up to the view every morning. The photomural also acts as a false window and makes the room roomier.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

14. Multifunctional furniture

This designing is highly applicable in homes where bedroom is small. Place a piece of furniture at the back of the bed in such a manner so that it acts like a bedside table. Along with keeping things that you need at your bedside, you can also place books, photos, décor pieces, lamps etc on the furniture top and on the sides as well if there are racks and shelves.

15. Pretty fabric

Colcha como cabeceira de cama ZAP BedroomAccessories & decoration

Colcha como cabeceira de cama


Hanging a pretty looking fabric as a headboard might not seem to be a cool idea initially. But once you do the same, you are sure to like the results. Choose colors and prints in contrasting shades so that the best impact is created.

16. Adding cushions as headboards

Large cushions in square or rectangular shapes can make excellent headboards. Adjust them in a manner so that they are placed in the right place as headboard. This is combination of originality and comfort. The color and design of cushions can be up to your choice.

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