13 pictures of one-storey homes to inspire you

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When we think about building an ideal house, we mainly dream of a large house with two or more stories spread over expansive area. But we often overlook the fact that a small house on the ground floor with compact features can be more welcoming and beautiful. Mentioned here are designs of some excellent one-storey houses, which can be your dream home. All these houses not only have great visual appeal, but are high on the functionality factor as well. Read on to know about the houses. You are going to love them for sure!

1. Classic style and inspiration

Many people have an inclination towards classic designs for their home. This home can be their perfect choice. The house has a unique style with exteriors illuminated well with stylish lighting. The roofing style of the one-storey house also needs mention.

2. Closed to the outside

The main color of the building is in white, but the wooden look of the carport is in complete contrast to the white background. The wooden texture accentuates the simplicity of the structure while imparting a touch of elegance to the same. The slab of concrete which is there in front of the garage adds a unique appeal to the house. The house overall has a modern appearance.

3. Excellently integrated

You could not ask anything more from this beautifully integrated single storey house. Each element of home building is used in the house right from the large wooden door to the stone wall, from the staircase used for entry in the house to the well maintained garden. Even with so many elements integrated into one, the house does not look clumsy. Rather the angles are defined in a way so that there is additional space for movement.

4. Simplicity with modernity

Take a look at this house and you will fall in love instantly. The façade of the house has the perfect combination of simplicity and modernity. The entry point to the house is via a stone tower kind of structure, while the rest of the house has a completely modern approach. The centrally illumination design is simply fabulous.

5. Basic Wooden House

14 Fotos de Casas Modulares Amovíveis, KITUR KITUR Country style houses

Wooden houses have a rustic feeling to them and this is what makes them interesting. This wooden house has horizontal slats, making the outer space warm and providing a sense of spaciousness to the house. Even though it is a wooden house, the style is absolutely modern. The tones and shades used in the house helps it in integrating with surrounding landscape features

6. When two patios integrate

This property has a unique design and style and this is what makes it different from the rest. The dominant part of the property is the patios, which integrate with the whole structure in a fluid manner. Check the detailing of the plinth and the roof.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

7. Absolutely traditional style home

If you don’t want to experiment much and still want a cozy one storey home, you can never go wrong on this one. Traditional architectural designs are evergreen – they never go out of fashion. The architectural compositions of such homes are simple and thus these homes have a very warm and homely feeling. A small garden in front is all you need to complete the look of the house.

8. Modern and with open garage

This beautiful single-storey house has a very modern design and structure. It is greatly visually appealing and the open garage imparts sense of additional space in the house. It is a new but pretty impressive style.

Checkout these photos of one storey houses to design here.

9. Modern beauty style

This house has an extremely modern design, which stands for the modern movement of the 50s. The walls are done in yellow shade and the others spaces are done in white for best effects. The bold white stripe on the top of the structure gives it distinct character and presence.

10. House on a small ground

If you don’t have much space to spare, this house design is just perfect for you. In fact the designing and planning is done so immaculately that you can even keep your car in the place without hampering the appearance of the space. The trees and plants around the house make it all the more presentable

11. Well ventilated house

If you love the natural elements and want air to ventilate your home, this house design is more than perfect. The interiors and the exteriors are designed in such a manner that air as well as lights reaches into every part of the home. In spite of having an open setting, there are no privacy and safety and security issues with the house.

12. A house that is compact and beautiful

This cottage-styled house is constructed in a modern style and comes with a welcoming and presentable character and appeal. Partial wooden applications, smooth walls and the overall structuring of the house makes it look elegant and beautiful.

13. Home with portico

People who have a home with a portico are blessed. Becoming a second terrace for the corridor, the portico is the place where the whole family can come together for tea and snacks. In fact, many people like spending their time by sitting in the portico and reading a book, listening to music or just enjoying the landscape. The interiors also get fresh environment with this setup.

Which of these is your favourite?

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