18 pictures of sliding doors perfect for your home

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Sliding doors are a functional substitute for traditional doors in small homes or where it is vital to save space. However, its popularity has grown substantially among the home owners and interior designers now. May be because it looks modern and stylish and can save space too.

Well… still in dilemma whether to fix a sliding door or not? Have a look at these 18 different sliding door designs made of different materials and technique. Choose the one that you think will suit best in your home. Believe us, you will love it!

1. ​Stylish entrance

The folding door design slides to one side once folded. This is an elegant way to step in to your terrace.

2. ​The warmth of wood

Wood is a good option for sliding doors. Create the design and pattern of your choice and feel the warmth it spreads.

3. ​Kitchen space saver

It is a boon to have sliding door in the kitchen. Every inch matters in kitchen. Sliding door is convenient and an intelligent choice for kitchen.

4. ​Partitioning the room

It is a perfect way to divide the rooms of your home beautifully. The two spaces could be your living room with the rest of your home, bedroom from the study or kitchen from the store. Partition it but with style.

5. Be creative and divide the space with elan.

6. Slate sliding door… perfect for kid’s room

7. Rescuing your small bathroom

In small apartment, bathroom suffers the most in size. This sliding door plan will definitely rescue you and provide a few extra square meters of space for that tiny bathroom.

8. Sliding it Japanese way—close door

Whether you want to separate the pooja room from the hall or any other section of the house, keep it simple and contemporary, like they do in Japan. The geometric pattern looks elegant!

Sliding it Japanese way – open

9. Dividing the hall from hallway

House in Chandlers Ford II, LA Hally Architect LA Hally Architect Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect

10. ​Invisible cabinet doors

It is a smart decision to have the sliding doors in cabinet. The neat, organized and minimalist design will look attractive and merge with the walls.

11. ​Thick frame and solid glass

To give that modern twist to the door, make it with thick metal or wooden frame and frosted glass. It is stunning!

12. ​The hallway entry

Chuck that traditional door and bring home the space saving sliding doors and open the door with style.

Open version of the hallway entry door

Slightly open sliding door for better view.

13. ​Attractive decoration for the children of the house

Decorate the door for the kids. Customize the design and make it perfectly attractive for them to admire.

14. ​Little glass room

Create a room with the sliding doors made of glass for some private moments. Disconnect to stay connected!

15. ​Connecting the different worlds

Sliding doors not only divide but they connect too. Have a look!

16. ​Privacy at work

Isolate your work space for some privacy so that you can concentrate and work with dedication.

17. Hidden bookcase

18. ​Shiny glass on the wood

Hide most of the thing and show something, this is exactly what this door does. The small glass panel on wooden door is a better way to connect the two rooms. It’s an amazing design!

Some other sliding door designs

Elegant Sliding Door Green Home Solution Asian style windows & doors uPVC Doors
Green Home Solution

Elegant Sliding Door

Green Home Solution

Here is a simple and elegant sliding door design that can complement any kind of setting. The wide transparent glass on the doors provides a proper view of the outside and inside while lending an aesthetic touch. Designed by professionals, the deep brown metal frame of the door combines well with green grass as well as the white exterior of the house.

This is another transparent sliding door design that can align well with the modern setting of your bedroom. With this clear glass door, people living inside can enjoy the pleasing view of the outside even while relaxing on their bed. Also, the white colour of these sliding doors effortlessly blends with the décor of this bedroom.

Where are you planning to use a sliding door in your home? Reply in the comments below.

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