18 creative storage shelves for kitchens of any size

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Creating proper storage in your kitchen is essential so that you can keep it well organised. But it is not important that your storage units should look dull and colourless just because they are not going to be seen by your guests. 

If you are looking for ways to incorporate designer shelves in your kitchen then here are 18 creative options that you can use.

1. Wall mounted shelves

These wall mounted shelves are the perfect option for creating a storage unit as well as making a blank wall look beautiful.

2. Glass shelves

A material that you can use to make your shelves look amazing is glass. This will also make sure that your storage unit is lightweight.

3. Hanging metal shelves

It is not important that you have to create a shelf on the ground or on the wall. Rather you can use a similar layout to build a hanging storage unit.

4. Stainless steel shelves

Stainless steel can also prove to be an ideal option for creating your kitchen shelves as it will give your kitchen a modern look.

5. Shelves with hooks

Another excellent way of creating storage in your kitchen is by combining shelves with hooks. This way you will be able to store containers as well as mugs in the same location.

6. Open cabinets

Creating a wall of open cabinets is also ideal if you are looking to store all your crockery and cutlery in one place.

7. Parallel wooden shelves

Instead of creating two long shelves in your kitchen you can also opt for such long and short parallel wooden shelving option.

8. Below the counter shelves

If you have enough space below your kitchen counter then utilising it to install similar looking open shelves is highly recommended.

9. Cylindrical shelves and cabinets

The designer of this room has used old beer barrels to create beautiful looking cylindrical shelves. They have also painted it with bright colours to make it stand out.

10. Cemented shelves

If you want to create permanent shelves in your kitchen then using cement to build sleek looking storage like seen in the picture is an ideal choice.

11. Different size shelves

While you are trying to create shelves for your kitchen you can also combine different size units so that you are able to store all the items near each other.

12. Shelves on cabinet doors

The doors of your cabinets can also accommodate small shelves or hooks to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen.

13. Small open shelves

If you like to store all your cooking essential near your gas range then installing such small open shelves is advised.

14. Natural wood storage

To give your kitchen a natural touch opting for neutral colour wood to create the cabinets is worth a shot. You can simply polish to wood and use it without having to paint the unit.

15. Glass and wood cabinets

If you want your kitchen to look more regal than opting for a glass and wood cabinet is worth considering. These units can be painted in pastel shades to make your kitchen look modern.

16. Crockery shelves

Creating shelves especially for placing your crockery is an excellent way of storing all your dinnerware. These units can also have specific sections for glassware, plates, tea and coffee sets.

17. Counter side shelves

The side walls of your counters are usually left empty but by creating a similar looking shelving option you will be able to use it in a much better way.

18. Ceiling shelves

Using the vertical space available to create a sleek looking ceiling shelf is the best way to add a creative touch to your kitchen.

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