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11 ideas to install the oven in your kitchen

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With so many different kitchen appliances available these days it is essential to design a house apt for these gadgets. Along with this these appliances have also become a necessity to support our modern lifestyle. Out of all of these gadgets ovens or microwaves are a part of every Indian home today. 

Most of us use our counter space to store these gadgets but if you are looking for alternatives then you are 11 places that you can use to install ovens in your kitchen.

1. Above the counter

Most of us do not use the vertical space available in our kitchen. But if you do not want to waste this space then creating a similar above the counter microwave storage is highly recommended.

2. Crockery cabinet

For those of you who do not want to waste any excess floor area in building appliance storage for a conventional oven, Indian experts suggest using such elevated crockery cabinets to install your microwave or oven.

3. Below the counter

If you have enough counter space in your kitchen then using one of the platforms to build an appliance storage can be a great idea. This way you will be able to install all your appliances in one place.

4. Near the cooking range

For those of you who use their ovens or microwaves often then placing it near your cooking range is advised. This way all your cooking equipments will be in one place making it convenient for you to prepare your meals.

5. Elevated shelf

These elevated shelves can also make for a great place to install your ovens as with these you no longer need a separate oven stand in kitchen. You can also adjust the length of the shelf depending on the size of your electronic appliance.

6. In-built holder

By creating an inbuilt holder for your oven into the wall you can not only use the space well but can also tuck the electronic appliances away from sight.

7. Near kitchen island

If you have a kitchen island in your house then open for a similar layout to install your microwave is worth a shot. The designer has turned the microwave shelf into a focal wall by adding attractive panels above and below the gadget.

8. Appliance cabinet

One can also create an appliance cabinet above the counter if they are looking to use the vertical space available. This is yet another method of placing all the electronic appliances near each other by simply using the kitchen units.

9. Along with storage

We all have storage units in our kitchens and by combining it with your microwave shelf you will be able to have a multi functional area in the room. This will also help you declutter your counter space.

10. Appliance cupboard

If you have a narrow space that needs to be turned into microwave or oven storage then building a similar looking appliance cupboard is a must. This way you will be able to use less floor space. You will also be able to place different appliances on different levels of the cupboard.

11. Open shelf

For those of you who are looking to move around their ovens or microwaves often than opting for a similar looking open shelf is worth considering. This lets you clean the shelf and microwave whenever you like.

For more tips check out our ideabooks.

Some more ideas

If you have a large-sized kitchen cum dining room, then you can easily dedicate a whole wall to the high-end kitchen appliances. Here, both the oven and microwave have been installed right next to the refrigerator and the storage cabinets to make it convenient for you to handle your everyday cooking requirements. Also, if your kitchen requires a proper space for a built in oven, Indian kitchen planners can effortlessly do that, without consuming much floor space.

If you wish to make the most of compact kitchen designs, then installing the kitchen oven underneath the countertop and adjacent to storage cabinets would be the right decision. This way, you can maximize your bench space without interrupting the clutter-free appearance of your kitchen. Moreover, this position ensures that there are clean vertical lines to enhance the elegance of your modular kitchen.

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