15 ways to decorate a small living room

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Making your living room look great is not just important for decorating your home. Rather it also is essential so that your guests get a glimpse of your personality. It is the only room in the entire house that is used for entertaining people and it needs to be beautiful as well as comfortable at the same time. 

If you too are looking for ways to decorate your small living room then here are 15 pictures that you can consider

1. Light fixtures

Light fixtures not only make your ceilings look great but they also act as a central decor piece for the living room. The designer for this room has opted for LED light boxes to highlight the stone wall.

2. Fancy back walls

Back walls of your room can also make for a great option while you are trying to decorate your living space. The designer has used two different materials to create a wooden as well as stone back wall to give it a contrasting look.

3. Floor rugs or carpets

Making your floor look great is another way that you can opt for to build a beautiful living room. By incorporating colourful rugs and carpets you will be able to add a touch of luxury to your space.

4. Statement decor peices

There are numerous decor items that you can collect for making a living space look fabulous. These decor pieces can include anything from showpieces to table lamps depending on your choice.

5. Life size poster

Decorating your living room is not just about adding curious and show pieces. Instead of opting for a life size poster can also be a great way to save space and make the entire room look beautiful at the same time. 

6. Wall art

If you do not want to spend a lot of money in creating a stone wall then opting for similar wall art pieces can be an excellent idea. These pieces can include wallpapers and framed personalised messages.

7. Touch of colour

If you have an all white interior then adding a touch of colour is the right way to go. The designer for this room has opted for colourful cushions and curtains to make the room look vibrant.

8. Big windows

If money is no constraint then creating such big windows is highly recommended. This will not only give you a great view to look at but will also help make the room well lit.

9. Mirror

If you do not want to create a lot of windows in your living room then the best way to make it look bright is by adding mirrors to the wall. This will also act as a decoration piece for the entire room.

10. Simple decoration

Opting for a single decoration piece for your living room can also be a great way to achieve a simple yet effective layout. The designer of this room has opted for a large painting which acts like the center of attention.

11. Wall lights

Light fixtures are not just for ceilings or tables rather you can use them for walls as well. By creating a similar looking artistic wall you will be able to turn it into a focal piece instantly.

12. Modern furniture

Using modern furniture to decorate your living space is another great way of making the entire room look fabulous. This furniture pieces can include anything from sofas to coffee tables.

13. Storage unit

If you want your small living space to be multifunctional and beautiful then creating a similar storage unit is a must. The designer has kept certain cabinets open so that it acts like a bookshelf or decoration cabinet.

14. Marble floor

For those of you who love colourful furniture or decor items then opting for a neutral floor is important. For this reason that designer has opted for a white marble floor in this picture.

15. Focal wall

Creating a focal wall is yet another way of making the entire decor come together. In this case the designer has opted for a natural looking panel to create a focal wall.

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