20 pictures of sliding doors for small kitchens

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These days the apartments have smaller and smaller dimensions, but the fact remains that interior designers have a wide range of solutions to make spaces more functional and comfortable. Among these solutions are the sliding doors, perfect for connecting and at the same time separating the different divisions of the house. In this book of ideas, we will see sliding doors in  small and medium-sized kitchens. We have wooden doors , glass and other materials that make the best possible use of space, integrating the kitchen with the rest of the house.

1. Sliding door with transparent glass panels

2. Sliding glass door that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house, keeping it at the same time, integrated with the other areas

3. Sliding door that disappears on the wall

4. Contemporary steel sliding door with transparent glass panels

5. Wooden sliding door with glass windows

6. Mirrored glass door for a contemporary touch and rich in style

7. For a small kitchen dominated by white, a door with black steel frame and opaque glass

8. Sliding door that folds in the pocket of the wall: perfect to open and close the space according to the needs of the owners

9. This sliding door is directly connected for a fluid and organic organization of space

10. Sliding glass door to maximize light circulation

11. The matte texture of the glass enriches the sliding door and decorates the kitchen

12. Sliding door for a small kitchen in industrial style

13. Sliding door for a small kitchen in L shape

14. Sliding door with a combination of glass and steel frame

15. Fully glazed door that extends to the ceiling

16. Vintage sliding wood door and arches for a romantic touch

17. Timeless elegance of a classic sliding door

18. Glass and steel in a minimalist sliding door

19. Sliding door with tinted glass

20. Double sliding door with darkened surfaces to separate the kitchen from the large living room

For more inspiration, have a look at the best sliding doors for your home.

Which sliding door do you think will suit your kitchen best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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