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13 inspirational ideas for decorating a small living room

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How to decorate a small living room without taking away too much of precious space? Find out here!

Decorating a small living room can be a challenge, since it is about adding more elements to a limited space.  We have to clarify that it is not an impossible task as many people think. Here are several ideas on how to make your small  living room just perfect. Let's get to work!

1. Do not sacrifice anything, just fit strategically

The first thing you should think about in the decorating area is that having a small room does not mean sacrificing the things you want. With intelligence, it is possible to accommodate everything strategically, and to enjoy an incredible design.

2. Furniture: the narrowest are smaller

It is no secret that the narrower the structure of furniture, the less space they will occupy. This saves you many meters in your living room. Arrange the furniture so that they're not too close to each other, this will make it easier to move around and clean. 

3. Armchairs need not be large

Although two or three-seat sofas are very common in living rooms, it does not mean you must have one in your home, much less if you do not have room to spare. Better to have individual armchairs, which can also be wonderful.

4. More uses for armchairs

There is not much room in your small living room for sofas where you can stretch out, but you can get armchairs which recline instead, and they're just as comfy and save loads of space too! 

5. Stools are not just for the kitchen

Let's leave behind the idea that the stools can only stand by the kitchen counter. They can also be in small rooms, bringing comfort without exaggeration.

6. White can be a protagonist

For small living rooms, there is no better colour to use than white. The illusion of a wider wall in addition to being better lit works for small rooms in general. If you want to combine other colours, you can let your imagination roll.

7. Brighten the living room from several angles

When we add several points of light in a small room, we are providing depth, which will enlarge the space. A good idea is to put the photos you want to highlight under the lights.

8. Add colour creatively

In one of the previous tips, we mentioned that white should be the protagonist. But what about adding contrast? You can add in bright colours in a unique and different way, with coloured tiles, for example. 

9. Use the classic combination: white and black

Neutral colours favor many spaces. We suggest using these colours with modern furniture and contemporary details.

10. The value of textiles

When we include textiles it is almost certain that wherever they are, they steal glances. So put pillows on the couches, and it will become the focal point, diverting attention from its size.

11. Large paintings on walls

When we think of a small space, it seems to us almost impossible that a large painting can be placed on the walls. But in fact you can, the trick is to choose some neutral colours.

12. Take advantage of plaster ceilings

Apply the trick of plaster ceilings to fight against the small dimensions of your living room. It will create an effect of higher ceilings, which will give greater visual amplitude to the place.

13. Divide the spaces subtly

In small living rooms it is not recommended to use walls that divide the areas, since they reduce the space even more. One idea to separate different areas is to use curtains, so you will have privacy, but you can also easily draw it to have a full open space.

For more inspiration, have a look at 6 retro style living rooms.

Which decor idea for small living rooms do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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