7 reasons that could diminish the resale value of your home

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Are you planning to sell your house and move to a better place? Selling a property is a tedious task. Finding a potential buyer, showing around the house, negotiating the value and if it doesn’t materialize, then starting the whole process again. However, there are a few factors that may influence the potential buyer. It could be the location, the built-up area, age of the building, the price or other property options around it. It could diminish or escalate the property value. 

We all wish to get the best value for our home. But then unknowingly we make some mistake that diminishes the resale value of our home. In this ideabook, we have brought some reasons that we ignore while putting up our house for sale. Just have a look and see if you are doing these mistakes.

​Stain on the glass

Glass doors and mirrors are the reflection of the interior of your home. You cannot hide the sparkle or stain on it. Dirt stained glasses are an eye-sore. So why not shine it to impress the buyers.

​Make-up the room

Before showing your home to the potential buyer, make sure that every room is well arranged and organized. An unmade bed or scattered toys and books will surely bring down the value of your home.

​Cabinet management

Don’t just shove the scattered clothes into the cabinet and shut the doors. What if the buyer wants to see the shelves and the design of the cabinets? After all anyone would like to see every nook and corner of the home before investing in the property.

​Systematize the kitchen

Kitchen is the most important part of a house. A substantial amount of our time is spent here, chatting over a cup of coffee or sharing meals with family and friends. Leaving the kitchen in mess will either drive away the buyer or reduce the value of your home.

​Clean up the bathroom

It is a common mistake that we Indians do. The moment we decide to sell our property, we stop cleaning it, especially the bathrooms. We don’t understand the importance of cleanliness until the potential buyers demand for price cut after seeing the dirty and stained tiles, sink, and bathtub and toilet seat of our bathroom.

​Too much is repulsive

Less is more! A minimalist décor is beautiful and attractive. Too much of furniture and decoration pieces are distractive, even if they are expensive and exquisite ones. If you are uploading the pictures in websites then take some extra caution with it. Too much is a clutter.

​The location of the house

The value of a property significantly depends on its location. A well approachable home will definitely have more value than a home which is in the interior and difficult to reach. After all we all want a house from where commuting for work, school or shopping is easy.

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