15 ideas to make your small living room better

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Ольга Бондарь Scandinavian style living room
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Every one dreams of having spacious spaces at home that look extraordinary where they can seamlessly fit in furniture that we have seen in magazines. But, the truth is that most of today’s homes lack such features and this holds true for all rooms of the home include the living room.

Beyond thinking that this is a limitation, a small room can be made to look more captivating with a liberal dose of creativity. With the right furniture, colours proper distribution you can make a small room look beautiful and orderly.

In today's book, we have 15 ideas for a small room, which will serve as a guide to decorate your small room.

1. Spruce up your sofa

The cushions and blankets that go on your sofa can be very decorative, and yet do not take up space and instantly convey warmth. Choose bright colours that complement the décor of your small room to give it an instant make over.

2. Blank walls are always welcome

Walls in plain white are a perfect way to illuminate house no matter the size or shape. And when you have a small room, you will find that white can do a world of change in how it looks. Get in touch with a  pro for ideas on how to incorporate white in your small room.

3. Choose the simple and pure lines when picking furniture

homify Industrial style living room

Furniture with pure and simple lines, is the most suitable for a small room. In this way, the space will be orderly and harmonious.

4. Add a mirror to add beauty to a small room

SAS Eclectic style living room

Place at least one mirror when you want to decorate a small room. This will not just amplify light in the room but also looks very decorative.

5. A sofa in an accent colour, will be enough to decorate your small room

The small rooms do not support many ornaments, so the challenge is to find the right pieces that will help you beautify the environment. A sofa in a colour like the one we can see in the image, will spruce up ambience of the room instantly. It adds the right contrast to other neutral parts of your room to achieve the desired look.

6. The use of patterns to generate a beautiful visual effect

Throw in a rug with a pattern that extends to the room and creates a unique visual effect. You can match the pillows on your sofa with the rug to give your room a splendid look.

7. And here we have another example with colourful notes on the furniture

This is an example that combines the suggestions of the two previous ideas: first is break the monotony with a furniture in an accent colour and the second is use a patterned rug on the floor. The results are right in front of your eyes- Great!

8. Use walls to place decorative elements. This way you will not need extra furniture in your room

The walls will contribute in an extraordinary way in the decoration of your small room. You can use the walls to hang pictures, and shelves to hold objects you generally place on side tables.

9. The corner rooms will help to make the most of space conditions

This type of L or corner rooms are fantastic for small rooms, as they take advantage of the corners to maximise space in the room.

10. Vegetation to make it cooler and colourful

Small rooms do not allow excesses, so simply resort to the walls, to install a pretty interior garden. This idea will give your room a makeover that is unique and splendid.

11. Choose furniture that can offer utility

If you have a small room, that does not hold much furniture, the best way to decorate the room is choosing furniture that offers utility.

You can integrate your tele set, books, vases, and family photographs in one unit. Drawers will allow you to stow away things you do not use every day.

For more ideas visit this book:   15 wall covers to make your small room look big.

12. Prioritise the choice of light and use neutral colours that add to the brightness of the room

Neutral and clear colours, will give your room elegance, modernity and will add light to the space. In addition, these tonalities are very cosy and add to the glamour of your small room.

13. A good source of artificial light, will decorate and illuminate

Floor lamps have great decorative and luminous power, because they create specific even in a really small room. You can pick the right lamp of your choice from dozens of designs.  

14. The right colours for your walls

It may seem difficult to imagine that dark tones can fit into the decor of a small room, but that is not the case. Shades of grey, will help achieve a deep and elegant effect in your small room.

15. And finally, choose the right niche for your room…

Once you pick the right niche or theme for your room, you can work a spectacular effect that can spruce up the décor of a small room. Niches like shelves not only solve the equation of how to place decorative pieces in a room but are also beautiful aesthetic add-ons. Consult a professional to give you the best options in doing up your small room.

Which of these small rooms is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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