17 ideas to decorate the entrance of your home

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Expensive artifacts and elaborate decoration pieces at the entrance or hallways are quite passe. The modern day’s trend is to bring the nature right into your doorsteps and then gently welcome it. The fresh, lush green and flourishing garden is a solace to eyes. Its beauty and uniqueness is priceless. A few ornamental plants, your creativity and interesting design ideas are sufficient to create an elegant garden right in the entrance or the hallway of your home.

The only concern is to nurture the plants well. Get some professional help to understand the water, sunlight, soil and fertilizer requirement of the plants you have planned to bring home. Care it well and see your corridor bubbling with life and fresh energy.

Let’s take a trip and get inspired!

1. Coexisting together with elan

Tall and short plants lined along the wall, a peaceful fountain, different sizes of stones on the ground and diffused lighting; together it looks elegant.

2. Guiding you home

The wide entrance to the house is adorned by beautiful flowers peeping through green leaves. The hidden light seeping from white stones is lit beautifully to guide your way to home.

3. Plants in the pots

It is a perfect way to bring your favorite plants home if you don’t have much space for a proper garden. Select the pots and plants according to the area you have defined for it and then harmonize it with the surrounding.

4. ​Naturally beautiful

The beauty of the stone covered facade will enhance immensely with a few planters along the wall. The conflicting size of the planters with different sizes of plants and flowers growing in it will look attractive.

5. ​Less is more

Clean stone-covered row of ornamental plants, natural light that will make its way through the pergola during the day and hidden lights that will glow in the dark; this entrance garden is minimalist and mesmerizing.

6. ​Welcome home

A few green plants right inside the home is always a welcome breather for our mind and soul. Along with freshness and natural charm, beautiful ornamental plants bring in our creativity too.

7. ​The sound of water

The soothing sound of water on the rocks and a small beautiful flowering garden; this entrance is enchanting.

8. Climbing up high

It’s an amazing idea, a vertical garden right at the entrance! Climbing creepers covering the wall, stone-bed on the sideways and two lamps illuminating it. Nothing could have decorated the entrance wall better than this.

9. ​Green footprints

If you have space, make it green. The walk towards the home will always be pleasant with greenery around.

10. ​Something modern like you

Create a garden complementing the entrance. With a modern façade, the garden should also be modern and contemporary. Get some idea and build a beautiful garden complementing your home.

11. ​Illuminated green aisle

A simple planter filled with stones and plants can be made more enthralling by illuminating it right. See it to believe it.

12. ​An interesting garden

small space has been creatively made lively with climbers and stones. The selection of plants and vases could make a huge difference in the garden.

13. ​A fascinating pathway

Ornamental plants along the pathway look fascinating. Take a short walk and feel the fresh energy soothing your nerves.

14. ​In harmony with the environment

The planters were part of the architecture of the home. This curvaceous design of the planters flourishing with green plants will leave your guests enchanted.

15. ​Reflection on water

This is something new and innovative! A small pool of water beneath the stairs and an artificial green island on it, it is amazing. How to keep the water clean and free from mosquitoes? Well… put some little fish in the water. They will do the job for you.

16. The tropical garden

A few palm trees look great in a walkway. Create a tropical garden with different varieties of palm and see how beautiful it looks.

17. ​Fencing the fences

The ornamental plants covering the boundary wall reaching your home will make a walk to remember for your guests.

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Which is your favorite way to make the entrance green? Respond in the comments.

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