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13 reasons to incorporate wood in your bathroom

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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Wood proposes a certain level of dynamism that cannot be described unless displayed. While the impulse to tile walls and floors in the bathroom runs high, it's time to see the bigger, broader picture. The kind that will leave you spellbound at the sheer exquisite manner of its nature. 

This post brings forth 13 lavatories that put wood on a pedestal.  

1. An indoor chalet

Turn your lavatory into a chalet if you're not blessed with luxury of living in one. The stark contrast of grey and brown hues works wonders as is evident in the above picture. The wooden framework and the tiles blend perfectly together creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

2. One of each kind

The preceding bathroom combines a number of elements which coalesce creating an ambiance of solitude. The main focus remains to be the russet wood ceiling with the contrasting wooden brown floor as it's polar opposite. A bricked wall by the side is simply the missing piece to the puzzle while the glass doors complete the bathroom. 

3. The tiny toilette

This bathroom strikes a chord with us simply because of the efficient usage of space. To think that an entire utility can fit into this space is genius in every way.

4. Framed for you

Natural stone adds a certain presence wherever it is incorporated as it does in the preceding bathroom. Wood is used in subtle ways, mainly bordering the window and mirror. 

5. Modern, yer rustic at the same time

An integration of the classic old meets new is demonstrated in this next lavatory. Rustic wooden elements are picked to match up to the elegance of the modern ones.  

6. All squared up

One of the best ways to incorporate wood into the bathroom is with cabins. Simplistic holistic designs pack the greatest impact. 

7. One for the woodsmen

For those of you who delve deep into the concept of the great outdoors in it's entirety, look to this lavatory to turn your fantasies into reality. 

8. Atavistic in every form

Enraptured in the true essence of the past is this unique bathroom that stands out in today's modernistic times. Rustic yet elegant would be just one way to describe the beauty that it emanates. 

9. Oh I wood!

If the previous bathroom was an ode to the times that have past us, then this one is an ode to our present. Contemporary elements such as the glass shower and bathroom slab makes this one a masterpiece. 

10. Light wood to light up the day

Of the many things that steals glances is the wooden framework upholding the mirror. Protrusions along the edges make for a rather appealing border. 

11. An authentic wooden bathroom

Go all in on the idea of wood. What better way to say it than with this incredible bathroom. A mishmash of wooden textures and colors have gone into the making of this lavatory. 

12. Wood and stone

Make the most of wood by integrating it into the lower half of your bathroom while the top half is left for a rocky ride. 

13. Zen bathroom

Say it with is one bathroom to rake in on all the zen you can possibly wish for! 

For more ideas, follow this link. 

"Wood" you incorporate wood in your home? 

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