Practical storage for the quintessential kitchen

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Practicality is prime in the kitchen of all places. An organized  kitchen comes with perks of its own including the likes of having your essentials in the palm of your hand whenever required. Scattered utensils and cutlery in the kitchen can result in mayhem, causing you to spend an enormous amount of time locating exactly what you require. 

Here is where the helping hands at homify come in handy! Read on to find exactly what your kitchen has been missing thus far.  

1. Metallic shelves

Shelves are a great way to organize the utensils in your kitchen. Metallic shelves, especially aluminium, are moisture resistant. A shelf such as this provides full functionality as it allows for racks to be removed and added. This way you can make the most of the storage available to you to fit your needs.  

2. Divided drawers

Rather than throwing in all your cutlery into a single drawer, hoping to fish out the right one at the right time, opt for drawers that are partitioned. This helps you stay more organized ensuring that your utensils are right where they need to be. 

3. Door shelves

Most of us pass up on this trick simply because of the veil of ignorance that prevails. Cabinets are great for storing spices, cookies and dishes, so are the doors of those cabinets. For maximum capitalization of space, install shelves into your cabinet doors and watch how the space around you instantly frees up.  

4. Beneath the divide

Let not the kitchen peninsula serve as a means of division in your home. Turn your kitchen divide into a book shelf or any other utility that you require. 

5. Storage on both sides

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to storage in the kitchen. Make use of every inch of space by installing shelves and cabinets wherever you can. 

6. Hole in the wall anyone?

Cabins that come with the same set of demarcations can be more of a boon than a bane. I attribute this statement to the fact that all the kitchenware doesn't necessarily have to be of the same size. Having fixed sized cabins would be redundant. To switch things up a bit try installing shelves in accordance with the size of your cutlery. 

7. Stacked away

Opt for vertical drawers to do the trick for you when the space crunch is at its prime. Remember not to leave any space unexplored. 

8. All shelved up

There is beauty in simplistic designs as is demonstrated in this kitchen. An all shelf ensemble works just fine if you neatly arrange your kitchenware.

9. Above the refrigerator

One of the most under looked areas in terms of storage is the area above the refrigerator. Either install a cabin above it or neatly arrange whatever it is that you want to store. 

10. All in one

For those of you on the brink of the ultimate space crunch, here's an idea tailor made to fit those spaces. Incorporate you dish washer or washing machine in your kitchen and you are good to go. 

From the cracks to the corners, space is of the essence. Never lose sight of the tiniest of all spaces.

For more on storage, read this ideabook. 

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