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Doors for your home entrance (options for security and elegance)

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Let’s talk about entrance doors today. After all, it is an important detail in the construction or remodeling of a house. When we choose a door to the entrance of our home, not only must we pay attention to aesthetics and elegance, but also to its security. After all, a safe house starts right from the door, both in terms of the material as well as the lock.

From the point of view of aesthetics, the door allows us to decorate the  front facade and present the best welcome to those who pass through it. Today, we invite you to see these 8 doors, all different in terms of both style and design, as we try to please everyone. 

All you have to do is to choose the door you want to enter!

1. A large solid wood door with two side windows

Do you like imposing, grand, majestic, modern, and very safe doors? If so, this example is perfect for the entrance of your home.

With a door of this size, it is impossible not to add value to your dwelling. Everything is impressive. Don’t miss the two side windows, which allow not only illuminate the entire interior, but also emphasize the door.

2. A pivoting wooden door

Pivoting doors are recent models in the market and are perfect for anyone who has a house with modern architecture as they bring a contemporary, sophisticated touch, in addition to adding more prominence to the entrance. As for the material, wood is always a great choice.

3. Another example of a white pivot door

Here, we share another option of a door with a pivoting opening, but this time it is completely in white. The door is almost invisible and merges into the rest of the house. A very modern, discreet and elegant option. We are fans!

4. Black door with aluminum accents

Since the opposite of white is black, here is a black entry door with aluminum accents – a sober and very elegant option. The two side windows are a part of the design of the door, making it perfect to take a peek to see who is outside! Also, notice the slot for dropping off mail so that the cards go straight into the house. It's a practical detail that simplifies the daily routine.

5. Wood and glass door

A wooden entrance door is always an excellent choice, especially in a warm color like this, which makes everything seem more harmonious and elegant. This door has a wooden outline, the middle portion of which is all glass, but it is not less secure in any way. Everything depends on the quality of the glass. In this case, an opaque glass is preferred as it filters the light and gives greater privacy.

6. Aluminum door

Aluminum doors are another option that you can consider for your home’s entry door, and this material is very economical. This door model is one of the consumer favorites given its price, quality and aesthetics. 

The combination with wood results in perfection.

7. White and glass door

There are lots of models of doors on the market to suit all tastes, styles and wallets. This is another model, which will please people who like the sober, discreet and elegant style. This white door has four small diagonal windows, which allow the entry of natural light indoors. The chrome door handle enhances the aesthetics of the door.

8. Glass striped wooden door

As you can see there are many examples of wooden doors. You’ll find a multitude of models. This one, for example, has several horizontal bands in glass, allowing the entrance of light. Simultaneously, it makes the door a unique and distinct piece in the neighborhood.

For beautiful designs of interior doors, see this ideabook.

Which of these designs will you choose for your home? Answer in the comments.
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