6 beautiful entrance halls to take your breath away!

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Yeşil Vadi Erguvan Evi, İstanbul., BABA MİMARLIK MÜHENDİSLİK BABA MİMARLIK MÜHENDİSLİK Eclectic style corridor, hallway & stairs
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The entrance hall of your home is the first impression you make on your guests after they step inside. So naturally, it should be aesthetically appealing as well as functional. Creative wall decor, stylish floor coatings, mirrors and plants are among the things that can make your entryway seem stunning. Innovative designing can create the feeling of spaciousness, brightness or depth as you wish. Hence, we have collated 6 beautiful entrance halls from 6 different Indian homes to inspire you and give you ideas. From trendy to regal, you will find everything you need here.

1. Spacious and breathtaking

Earthy hues, gorgeous marble flooring with circular patterns and a striking chandelier are the highlights of this spacious entrance hall. The staircase is beautiful and illuminated indirectly, while the furniture is exclusive. The table with the flowers provide subtle contrast to the environment.  

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2. Resplendent in white

Bathed entirely in bright white, this entryway looks very spacious, very bright and luxurious too. The vintage style table, mirror and contemporary closet add to the expansive feel here. soft lighting, a graceful chandelier, a vibrant painting and fresh pink flowers lend life to the space.

3. Simply regal

If you want your entrance to seem magnificent and luxurious, this stunning image is sure to inspire you. Pretty vases, golden sculptures, warm wooden elements, classic furniture and stylish lamps make this entrance hall fit for kings. The walls are moulded for an old world look, while the flooring is smooth and simple, so that the decor accents can stand out.

4. Natural and earthy

Rugged grey stones clad the walls of this spacious entryway, while wood lines the floor and reed screens line the ceiling. The overall effect is very nature-friendly, earthy and peaceful. Large and white pots hold ornamental plants, adding freshness and colour here. don’t miss the unique wooden seating and the stylish cane lamps.

5. Neutral yet sophisticated

Though slightly narrow, this entryway looks classy, thanks to the soft tones of grey and white. Elegant and glossy tiles on the floor create a spacious and bright impression. The sleek vintage style table is perfect for this narrow hall, while the decorative mirrors lend some glamour here.

6. Classic elegance

White walls and golden indirect lighting make this entrance hall seem spacious and inviting. The wall unit is symmetrical and classic, with an alcove-like space accommodating a vintage style table. The floor is gorgeous and contrasting as well. Credit goes to the interior architects at Attelia Tasarim.

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