18 furniture items your carpenter can make for you

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On many occasions, we see furniture that fascinates us, but we can’t take them home because either their size is unsuitable for our space or the price is beyond our budget.

So, why not contact a carpenter? They can create the furniture you have in mind for any room in the house – kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, even all the furniture in the home’s interior, including the doors and windows. The best part – it will be custom-made furniture.

In today’s ideabook, we give you 15 ideas of furniture the carpenter can easily make for you.

1. The bathroom cabinet

The washbasin cabinet in your bathroom will look more beautiful than ever with a design like this one. The wall is cladded in wood that matches the lower part of the furniture, which is decorated with more wood and wicker. It looks striking with the marble counter.

2. Bunk beds for the children’s room

3. A closet under the stairs – practical, functional and very decorative

The space below the staircase can be utilized to the maximum by building a closet. You can take advantage of the space and cover the steps in the same wood to add continuity to the interior design.

4. Kitchen furniture in wood to increase the feeling of warmth

A kitchen in wood is always charming. Depending on the tones you use and the combination of the remaining finishes, you can create a style that matches the décor theme in the rest of the house.

5. Some nice benches for the terrace or balcony

You can also ask the carpenter to make some beautiful benches for the outdoor areas of the house.

6. Practical sliding doors

Sliding doors have multiple advantages. Thanks to its sliding mechanism, it doesn’t take up space. In addition, you can also place them to create partitions in certain areas of the house.

7. A few niches under the stairs

Niches are very decorative and allow us to organize accessories or books without having to use extra furniture that limits the space. Show your  carpenter this image, and make your home look sensational.

8. A great chair

Take advantage of the carpenter’s talent and ask him to make you a sensational chair – an out-of-the-ordinary one like we see in this image.

9. The base and head of the bed

As we mentioned earlier, the furniture you ask the carpenter to build will be made to measure and specific to your needs. Is your bedroom small? Then we have this proposal. The base of the bed has drawers for better organization and extends to the ceiling by transforming into the headboard, which in turn has shelves. It’s functional furniture that doesn’t compromise on beauty.

10. A small bookshelf to which you can add a personal touch

You can ask a carpenter to build the furniture you want, and then you can make it even more personalized by adding elements that make it more special. This small piece of furniture can have multiple uses. Its charm lies in the use of wicker baskets as drawers.

11. Stylish ledges

12. Table and benches for the kitchen

The kitchen is traditionally the heart of the home, so it is common to eat some meals in it, and you will need a table and chairs for that purpose. What do you think of this image of benches and table? Isn’t it great?

13. A vertical planter

You can have a garden inside the house by placing a green wall, like the one we see in this image, made from wooden pallets.

14. A small dressing room

What do you think of the idea of having a small dressing room in the house? Here we present a solution. It is simple, practical and can become the favourite furniture of the house.

15. The restoration of an old piece of furniture

If you have an old and abandoned piece of furniture at home, but for some reason, you have held on to it, the carpenter can give it a second life and restore its beauty to make it part of the decoration of the room, as we can see in the charming coffee table in this image.

16. An original headboard

17. A terrace with an integrated design

18. A very original shelf design

Carpenters can work magic with wood, turning a block of timber into a true work of art and crafting perfect pieces in varied styles and sizes. 

See this ideabook for making store bought furniture unique.

For which area of your home will you get custom-made furniture. Share your ideas in the comments.

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