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Are you still not able to figure out the right colour for your home? Are you still dealing with the intense pressure of satisfying different colour choices of all family members? Look no further, as we bring to you a house designed by Maverick Architects that makes use of bright and perky colours that are sufficient and soothing for all age groups. It incorporates moderate use of vivid hues that adds life and zing to the overall house design. The colours are particularly chosen according to the purpose and layout of the room. Have a look and get surprised.

A bedroom like no other

The accent wall of any bedroom is the most essential feature that is designed with bright colours and trendy displays. This bedroom has a similar accent wall that is beautifully done in shades of blue and green that indeed makes an idyllic environment.  The effect of this wall is mellowed by the use of a huge mirror that makes an important feature in the room. Along with the mirror, the bed and the curtains are designed in such a way that they add a subtle contrast to the bright hues.

Colourful space

The second bedroom is designed on a more colourful and feminine line. It incorporates the use of pink hues that are bright and perky at the same time. The pink wallpaper is designed with artistic touches that are well accentuated by the use of the classic round mirrors. To add a touch of harmony, the curtains are further designed in the same colour and pattern. The nautical lines of the bed linen enhance the beauty of the bed and are surely going to make other women envious.

Colourful dining

The dining area is highlighted using colourful paintings that are strategically placed to form a unique pattern on the wall. This area is located right besides the living room and makes use of a small and cosy corner adjacent to the kitchen. The dining table is majorly a sturdy and well-built wooden ensemble that is accompanied by comfortable wooden chairs on all sides.

Splendid living room

The living room is indeed designed with a touch of class and exuberance.  The designers have perfectly utilised even the small corners of the house to create a perfect masterpiece. The mute walls are given a refreshing change with the use of swarthy red wallpaper that enhances the look of the entire area. This is well contrasted by the subtle sofa sets and contrasting cushions laid in the ideal U-shape pattern. The sassy ceiling design is worth mentioning as it sprawls right up to the dining space as well, thus combining the two zones.

The classic bedroom

Bedroom designed with wooden interiors is indeed a classy and rich pattern. In this case, the bedroom is designed with mute colours that are perfectly exuded by the rich yet dusky wallpaper on one side and neutral colours on the other. The use of wood and white lacquered cabinets with an in-built TV unit further makes the room look well organised and highly spacious.

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