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6 open cabinet design ideas for your kitchen

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Proper storage is essential for every kitchen for it to be functional. One of the best ways of incorporating storage in your kitchen is by adding cabinets of different sizes. If you are looking to increase the amount of storage that your kitchen has then using the vertical space available is also a must. 

To give you an idea of how you can use your vertical space here are six open cabinet designs that you can use for your house.

1. Multilevel timber cabinets

By incorporating multilevel wooden cabinets like this, you will not only be able to maximize the storage space available in your kitchen but will also get a particular place for storing small utility items. Apart from this using building materials like timber can give your cabinets an extended durability so that you do not have to redesign your kitchen often.

2. Rectangular shape cabinet

If you want to create a certain place in your kitchen for holding liquor or cold drink bottles then building a similar looking rectangular shaped cabinet is highly recommended. These cabinets can also be used for holding condiments like sauces and spices. By placing the cabinet right above your gas range, you can make it more convenient for yourself to reach out for cooking essentials while preparing a meal.

3. Open shelf

If you do not require a lot of space in your kitchen and are searching for an organised option for storing your kitchen utensils, then building such an open shelf is a perfect idea. The rack can run across the entire length of your kitchen so that it gives you a flat surface to store all your utensils right above your counter space. Apart from this by keeping the shelves open you do not have to add any doors which make it convenient for you to grab a utensil when needed.

4. Glass door cabinets

For those of you who are looking for a more covered kitchen cabinets then opting for such classic designs is also worth considering. The designer for this kitchen has used wooden cabinets with glass doors so that you can view the items kept inside without having to open. Such cabinets are perfect for storing your crockery and cutlery.

5. Modern style cabinets

If you want of modern looking kitchen for yourself then incorporating different designs of cabinets is also worth a short. The design of this kitchen has experimented with the cabinets to make them look more industrial and professional. You can also paint your kitchen cabinets in bright colours to make them stand out from the rest of the decor.

6. Shelf and cabinet combo

For those of you who are looking for a versatile storage option for their kitchen creating a shelf and cabinet combination is also an excellent choice. By placing open shelves between two closed cabinets, you will be able to store different types of kitchen essentials like utensils, bottles, and glassware. This will help you keep all your kitchen equipment and utensils in one place rather than scattered all over the room.

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