15 small gardens to beautify the entrance of your home

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The entrance to your home is an important representation of you, your personality and your family to the world outside. You can state a significant part of how you are and you engage with others by something as small as the entrance of your home.

On the other hand, a garden is the very first expression of welcome in your home, not just for your guests but you too. A garden is pretty and expresses life force with a profound emotion that each and every human can relate to.

Incorporating a garden in your home can help create that ideal touch you are looking for to connect from the inside to the outside. Today, at Homify we present 15 examples of small garden that you can integrate in your drive way. These ideas are sure to inspire you to create your own.

1. Enigmatic

Add some statues, stones and decorations to the east of your drive way amidst a few plants and grass to create a mystical and enigmatic appeal.

2. Brief and accurate

Do not be limited by space! In an area of just one meter by half a meter, you can put together a beautiful garden with lots of colour.

3. Intense colours contrasting softer tones

Soft colours and strong combined can make a very original and beautiful garden that is the perfect way to welcome your guests.

4. Minimalistic desert

Less is more says that old saying, which you can use to your advantage when it comes to shaping your mini garden. A few cacti plants can lend your garden a minimalistic yet elegant touch. A canvas of austerity and radiant beauty, don’t you think?

5. With a source

With some ingenuity and creativity, you can create a garden like no other. Pick a source of water like a small stone fountain and create a trail of stones that lead up to plants. The options are plenty!

6. Bamboos beautify corners

You can reflect simplicity and fragility with a conditioned garden in a corner of your driveway by adding some basic colours through flowers.

7. A spot to relax and unwind

Place pair of benches that can coexist harmoniously with succulents of various types to achieve that perfect combination of nature and tranquillity.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

8. Hanging garden

Use ropes, metal bubbles, cloth or even waste you intend to discard to create a beautiful and breathtaking hanging garden. This will be unique to your home and simply out of the world.

9. Flowerpots and lilies

A garden can start with the simple act of installing some pots and lilies at the entrance to your premises. So, what are you waiting for? Drive up to the nursery today!

10. With many colours

Blue, red or yellow flowers, or all? Choose your colours. Throw in a few potted flowers and grow others near your well-manicured lawn to create a mesmerising look.

11. Simply zen

Water, sand and stones: a perfect representation of the simplicity that nature exudes, and a perfect zen work that you can integrate seamlessly in your small garden.

12. Well defined

If you do not have much place to begin a garden in your outdoors, you can create a small garden in a corner on the pathway that leads to the driveway. Use pebbles and greens or take the help of professional and invest in a good project that will result in a fabulous view.

13. Vertical and aromatic

To save space you can build a vertical garden at the level of your fence, and give it a unique touch. You can plant edible and aromatic plants that will welcome you as you walk into your home.

14. Focusing on details

This a modernistic green look in your driveway. Use large circular or rounded stones in your garden to draw attention to it. Also, pick striking plants to go right in the middle. 

15. A bit of everything and yet well organised

How about a combination of all the above? Yes, that's right, you can create a complete garden with several items at once: plants, stones, flowers, sand and water. Yes, despite the variety, the simplicity of placement is what will provide beauty to your work.

This is the end of our tour, but there is a lot more to do as you have just begin your house makeover.

Read on more a few more really cool ideas and practices here.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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