9 stunning door designs for your house

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Although doors play an important functional role in every home, the potential for doors to be decorative shouldn't be overlooked. There are a myriad of door designs to choose from, but we've handpicked some of our favourites for you today. Before you start browsing for that perfect door, keep in mind the style and design of your house, as the door should always blend in well with the rest of the home. We hope you find some suitable door designs for your home here. 

1. Sliding beauty

Sliding doors are also great for small spaces. Another advantage is that they're more versatile, in that they can open up wider or less if you wish. The wooden sliding door pictured here makes the room cosier and more private. 

2. Single panel door in black and white

If it's a small room or a small space, a single panel door is your best option. If the walls are pretty much white and plain or neutral, then you could opt for a striking door like the one pictured here. We wouldn't recommend choosing contrasting colours for a door if the space around it is brightly coloured though. 

3. Simple wooden door

If the space you intend to place the door in has other wooden elements, we recommend a simple wooden door like the one pictured here. Walls in neutral colours look best against a wooden door. You can jazz up the door a bit more by adding a fancy bronze doorknob if you wish. 

4. Fairy tale door

Opening this heavy rustic wooden door, you can't help but feel like a little child entering into a new world of wonder and magic—it has that fairy tale sort of feel and something very nostalgic about it.

5. Glass and wood in white

Glass and wood combines well to give you a more balanced effect. The advantage of using half glass half door is that you get natural light in while also maintaining the security of the space. Wood painted white has that touch of sophistication that blends well with glass. 

6. Glass for class

There's something very classy about a glass door. It's a great idea for spaces where you would like to let more natural light in too. The glass door pictured here is framed with wood painted in white, and beautifully integrates the interiors with the exteriors, making the house seems more spacious and open. 

7. Multi panel doors

Multi panel doors are not only visually interesting but very fashionable as well. They can be draped over with curtains if more privacy is required. You can also incorporate stained glass instead to make it look more colourful. 

8. French doors

These wide french doors that open inwards are not only super stylish, but practical as well, especially if you need a door that opens up to the balcony from the room. This way you get the most out of your room balcony as well. 

9. Sliding steel door

Steel doors can give your home that trendy industrial design look and also keep it super safe. It's also quite unique and different as most home owners usually opt for other materials.  

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Which door design do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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