10 pictures of small bathrooms to inspire you

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
Atelier Par Deux Eclectic style bathroom Wood Grey
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Up until a little while back, space was of the essence. Large spaces were automatically linked to luxury and comfort. We at homify sense a little trouble when space is misconstrued for comfort. It's about time we shone light on comfy, cozy bathrooms that will leave you spellbound. So without further adieu, lets bid adieu to our misconceptions of space. 

1. All tiled up!

Fall back on the comfort of this white ensemble. Cozy and warm in all its demeanor, here's a bathroom you do not want to miss out on if you're pressed for space. Finish off with honeycomb tiles in shades of grey and white and you are all set. 

2. A hint of grace

To add a sense of freshness to the lavatory, add in some flowers. Also choose tiles that do the same. Lighter shades tend to leave a greater impact. 

3. The calm allure

The color white has been tied to quietude for ages now. When picked to be the backbone of the hues of the bathroom, it doesn't fail to deliver. What's more, white shades have the ability to create the illusion of space. 

4. Tucked away in serenity

While horizontal space may not favor you, vertical space always does. Add in smaller elements so as to up the overall look of your bathroom. 

5. Black and grey

To create a modern edgy lavatory, then look to this bathroom as a prototype. It has colorful photo frames and modern decor to speak for it. 

6. Mirror, mirror

The first thing one notices about this bathroom is the decor which means to say that there is a shift in focus from the lack of space. This is a clear indication of what smart choices can do for you. A neutral shade is picked as the backdrop for the incredible mirror that sits upon it. 

7. All decked up

Pick out smaller elements for your bathroom if you are constrained by area. As already mentioned, white creates the illusion of space, so capitalize on the most of this wonder hue. 

8. Oh my wall!

Space hardly becomes an issue when you feast your eyes on the backdrop of this next bathroom. Team your essentials with a foot stool as suave as this one and the world is right at your feet. 

9. Customized

If you're spending time in it, you may as well ensure that your time is well spent. Personally customize your bathroom so that it's more than just a bathroom to you. 

10. Geometric prints

Geo prints are in, so incorporating them into your bathroom might not be such a bad idea after all. 

Let not space get the better of you comrades! Here's more on that thought. 

Which one struck a chord with you? 

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