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8 intelligent tricks that will keep your kitchen organized

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Kitchen, the food factory of the house is the most difficult place to organize and then to keep it organized. Utensils, kitchen appliances, groceries, jars, bottles, food, crockery… there are so many thing that we have to keep in this little space. Cluttered and unorganized space has effect on the mind and mood. This disorganization will definitely show up in the dinner served. It is important to keep it clean and organized.

Organizing a kitchen is relatively easy, but to keep it so is a challenge. Am I right? Leave the tension behind! Today we have brought for you 8 simple tricks that will keep your kitchen organized; even after your teenage kids cooking expedition.

Let’s have a look!

1. ​Bring home a modular shelf

Modular shelving The Plate Rack KitchenStorage
The Plate Rack

Modular shelving

The Plate Rack

A modular shelf is perfect to keep your plates and dishes that you use on the daily basis. This stainless steel shelves come in various design and size that can fit into any space perfectly and solve the purpose too. It is an economical trick for organizing the kitchen.

2. ​Shelves under the island

This makes sense! Extra space is always welcome in a kitchen. Island in the kitchen is quite functional and comfortable to work. Why not use it to store and keep your kitchen organized. This extension of the kitchen platform has been beautifully used to make more space in the kitchen. The open shelves beneath are a practical way to arrange the jars, bottles and crockery. Use it the way you want and keep the kitchen organized.

3. ​Changing into modern

50.2cm pull-out organiser simplehuman KitchenStorage

50.2cm pull-out organiser


Every kitchen has shelves and cabinets for storage. But get it changed if they are outdated and fixed ones. Replace it with stylish modular kitchen cabinets. These stainless steel shelves are modern, strong and comfortable which conveniently hide behind the cabinets. Choose the one that slides out when you open it. No more struggling to get that pot out.

4. ​Maximizing the use

Kitchen Island has a multiple use in the kitchen. It could be an informal dining table for the family, extended work space or simply to keep the main platform in order. You can use it for storage too. Get some idea, make some changes and you can use it to keep your kitchen uncluttered.

5. ​Minimizing the chaos

It is important to define an area for every activity to keep the kitchen organized and free from chaos. It is vital to have sufficient cabinets and shelves- over the counter-top or under it, built-in or like a cupboard. It is also important to have a fixed place for kitchen appliances, dry and wet area and for the Island. Assign the space and see how organized and clean your kitchen looks.

6. ​Creative solution

Kitchen can be kept organized in a creative way. Unleash your creativity and design the space depending on the style of the kitchen and your requirement. We can suggest you to fix a rail and hang your pots, wok or ladle on it. Or you can exhibit your colorful collection of cups and coffee mugs there. It is all up to you.

7. Every corner is important

It is challenging to keep a small kitchen organized. The best way to organize it is by getting the most out of every available space, even the corners. We must design the furniture to fit and adjust according to the space. For the corners use the folding or sliding shelves. Have a look and take some clue from this picture. It is an excellent idea for small kitchens.

8.​ Sparkling with color

How can a color keep the kitchen organized? Well… color won’t help in organizing the kitchen, but it will definitely help in tricking the mind and distracting it from a little bit of disorganization. If you have a kitchen like this, popping with life and energy if will automatically inspire you to keep it sparkling. Isn’t it?           

Surely you want to see more! Here it is just for you : 40 ideas to keep your kitchen organized and look fabulous!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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