45 pictures of small apartments of 540sqft

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Did you think that small homes are uncomfortable and dull? Then it’s time to rethink! Here we bring you 16 compact apartments that are not more than 50sqm in area. These are bright, stylish, highly functional, inviting and ideal for modern and nuclear Indian families.

1. 50sqm yet spacious!

Lavish use of white and neat designs makes this apartment by the architects at Aguilar Arquitectos look spacious and bright. Wooden flooring and stone walls in the living, dining and kitchen offer both warmth and contrast. Sleek black tiles contrast the whiteness of the bathroom nicely.

2. 50sqm of sophistication

This apartment looks elegant and cosy, thanks to the trendy designs and wooden flooring. The kitchen island is fitted with modern appliances, while patterned tiles add pizzazz to the kitchen backsplash and bathroom.

3. Long, trendy and 35sqm

Though narrow, this apartment is longish and has been neatly divided into a living, dining, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Simple modern furniture and minimalistic decor help.

4. Loft apartment of 50sqm

An open plan layout merges the living, dining and kitchen in this refurbished loft apartment seamlessly. The furniture pieces are neat and trendy. And the bedroom is on the mezzanine, ensuring ample privacy.

5. When wood dominates

Light-hued wood paired with soft creamy tones makes this studio apartment seem cosy and spacious. The kitchen is U-shaped and very practical, while a wooden half wall separates the living from the bedroom.

6. Minimalism is the key

Wood lends warmth and elegance to this compact apartment, space-saving storage solutions and modern furniture ensures comfort. Patterned tiles in the kitchen and a vibrant artwork in the living space offer visual interest.

7. Small yet luxurious

A plush couch in the living area, beautiful dining furniture, glossy cabinets, elegant lighting and a smart open kitchen make this small apartment a lavish affair. The colour palette is soothing and creates the feeling of spaciousness.

8. Mediterranean beauty

Whites, blues and light wooden tones create a very Mediterranean atmosphere in this apartment. Stylish tables in the living and dining areas, neat cabinets and shelves in the kitchen, stone wall cladding in the bedroom and common area, and sleek white tiles in the bathroom steal the show as well.

9. Exclusive accessories

Owned by a young couple, this apartment wows with unique accessories like the stylish lamps and zigzag pattern on the counter in the kitchen, a playful chimpanzee wall decal in the living space, and soothing indirect lighting in the bedroom. The panelling behind the bed as well as the reading lamps are trendy.

10. Parisian apartment of 35sqm

Despite its very compact size, this Parisian flat is very elegant and attractive, thanks to colourful cushions and chairs, unique decor accents, smart storage hacks and lots of natural light.

11. A creative 36sqm Warsaw apartment

While a large wooden TV unit with open shelves separate the kitchen from the living, a trendy staircase takes you to the mezzanine bedroom above the kitchen. The furniture is sleek and the kitchen tiles are fashionable. The bathroom is simple yet bright and looks big.

12. 40sqm of functionality

With a modest area of 40sqm, this apartment promises both style and comfort. An open plan layout, minimal decor, neat furniture, sober colours and a staircase that acts as a bookshelf make this home very functional.

13. Attractive and smart in 40sqm

This flat is owned by a young couple with baby. Sliding doors connect the different areas of this flat, while a storage friendly staircase takes you to the parents’ bedroom. The child’s playpen is conveniently near the kitchen, so that the parents can supervise him easily. Black, white and wood make for a very classy colour combination.

14. The mirror effect

Large mirrors clad one of the walls in the common area as well as in the bedroom, to lend a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. Modern furniture and sober colours add to the attraction.

Soft greys, bright whites and light wooden tones create a very soothing and sophisticated colour palette here. The bedroom is on the mezzanine, while the windows have been positioned strategically to bring in as much natural light as possible. The decor is minimal.

16. Gorgeous 50sqm home

Luxurious furniture, soft textiles, soft creamy hues, sleek designs and stylish lights make this apartment a stunner. Creative use of mirror for wall cladding and splashes of red in the kitchen enhance the overall appeal.  

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