10 ideas to light the exterior walls of your house

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The walls of your house are as important as any other part of the building. By lighting them properly, it will not only make your walls look beautiful but will also highlight the design that you may have incorporated. 

If you have been searching for different methods of making your walls look amazing then here are ten ways that you can use.

1. Ceiling lights

One of the most traditional styles of incorporating light into your house is by adding ceiling fixtures. These accessories will help illuminate the entire length of the wall in an instance.

2. Highlighters

If you have a stone wall in your house, then the best way to light them properly is by using highlighters. These highlighters will enhance the embossed design of the wall making it look more beautiful, especially at night.

3. In-built lights

If you do not want your fixtures to jut out then creating such inbuilt lights is highly recommended. By in-building these fixtures into the wall, you can also protect them from the water.

4. Colourful light

It is not always important that you add yellow or white lights into your home. Rather by opting for colourful lights, you can customise the look of the wall. You can also have a multicolour light show if you are decorating the outdoor walls.

5. Floor lights

For those of you who do not want bulky ceiling light fixtures, opting for similar floor lights is also an excellent choice. These will not only illuminate the desired wall but are also very sleek, making them perfect for small areas.

6. Reading lights

Similar looking reading lights are also ideas if you are looking to decorate your living room walls. These light fixtures are placed a few feet below the ceiling so that it can focus on a particular area of the floor.

7. Plant highlighters

If you have a garden which displays planters then using lights to decorate them is another very good idea. Placing small led lights in between plants will give your garden the desired unique look.

8. Wall lights

Another way to make your walls beautiful is by adding random light fixtures. The designer for this wall has used many inbuilt lights so that it gives the wall a patterned effect.

9. Outdoor lights

Similar looking outdoor lights can be a great addition to your entrance walkway. This will not only highlight the entire length of the sidewalk but can also be used as a guiding light in your garage.

10. Staircase lights

If you are looking to light your staircase then using these box fixtures is highly recommended. The designer has placed a light on every alternate step to make it stand out.

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