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Wood panelled kitchens – good ideas for Indian homes

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Who says a kitchen can’t be made of wood? We have preconceived notions that wood is not very resistant, and we forget about its excellent properties. Of course, wood is sensitive to water and heat, but if treated in the right manner it can be more resistant against the agents that damage it, and it’s easy to restore.

Plywood or laminated wood consists of a board composed of thin sheets of wood glued together with synthetic resins under the application of heat and pressure, thus considerably increasing the strength of the material. This type of wood is suitable for use in kitchens, as you will see below.

Work with a skilled carpenter

Plywood is usually less expensive than solid wood, and it is very strong. We can use it to build everything from drawers to kitchen tops. It is important to treat the wood with a series of products that extend its life. Working with a skilled carpenter, who understands these treatments, is essential to ensure greater durability of the material.

The finish of the board

Plywood veneers come in a variety of wood finishes, depending on the type of sheet that is used to make the board. In some cases, you can see the grains of the wood, like in this kitchen. It is advisable to buy the entire quantity of plywood sheets that you need to avoid differences in the finish of the board in various parts of the kitchen.

Different details

The boards can be combined to achieve designs, like in this kitchen, which has a very special island counter made from different wood veneers that combine to achieve a stunning effect and a positive first impression. Combining several types of wood can be a subtle way to bring special details to the kitchen without spending too much money.

Find an interior design professional to help you to create unique designs with plywood.

Easy to use material

The best thing about using wooden boards to build our kitchens is that this type of material is very simple to work with. Just a wood cutter and a little creativity can achieve a great result. Working with these sheets is usually very simple, and we can use them to create varied looks, such as this special kitchen that reminds us of the Scandinavian style.

Formats and types of wood

n-house Modern kitchen by TAKr Modern



The format of this type of board is usually 1.22 x 2.44 meters, with thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 36mm. The wood used for making this type of board varies from pine, to the decorative woods like oak, mahogany, etc. Choosing a hardwood board will ensure a better durability in the harsh conditions that can arise in a kitchen.

Transform your kitchen

When you think about renovating your kitchen, do not ignore wood and plywood, because the results can be very special and the cost much less than you can imagine, especially if you use plywood board. If you want to reduce costs even more, evaluate the dimensions of the boards to make the most of them in the kitchen design and to avoid wastage of material. It is well worth using for a beautifully-designed kitchen that is an ideal space to enjoy with family or friends.

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