14 living rooms with spectacular decorations

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The Blue House Modern living room
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Living rooms are perhaps one of the most busy and public areas of our entire home and all of our interiors. And, if you think about it, it is the room where most of your guests, friends, colleagues, relatives, guests and acquaintances will spend most of the time. That's why the design and decoration of your living room is vital when it comes to demarcating a style and communicating good taste. 

2. A successful combination of colors

We are fascinated by the contrast between the neutral tones that grey handles and the vibrant and beautiful blue. Undoubtedly, the colourful pellet of this particular room is a success, right? We love the incorporation of a wall of dark bricks, as it manages to add a certain industrial touch that, in turn, is balanced and contrasted by the warmth of the wood above it. 

3. All in white, a trend that never goes out of style

We love the trend of the all in white  because not only do we find it very favourable in the sense that it visually broadens the spaces, but also—we find it very chic and sophisticated. Likewise, we are fascinated by the little touches of pink and green that stand out in the cushions, decorations and floral and natural elements that seek freshness. Pretty niche wall, huh?

4. Textures and visual complexity

We are fans of walls, semi walls or pieces of walls that involve textures and, therefore, add a greater visual complexity to our spaces and our visual compositions. Also, we can not fail to highlight the beauty, creativity, originality and genius of the design of the coffee table, as well as the floor lamp that provides a warm and perfect artificial lighting to the place.

5. The L-design is the best ally

Nothing is more fashionable in living rooms than L-shaped sofas  in neutral tones, not only for its aesthetics but also for its functionality and practicality, in that it makes the most of space and optimizes it. We are fascinated by the palette of colors that is composed of neutral tones and how not to fall in love with that beautiful and large painting that works as a focal point?

6. Maximum style!

Glass tables and tables like the one in the picture above are super stylish. Remember that, often, less is more—at least at present—and that it is not necessary to have an absolutely huge coffee table but completely beautiful and special in its design. It should be pointed out that the rug is not far behind in style either…

7. A very cool industrial style

The industrial style is very chic and very cool because of its youthful, lavish and aesthetic essence. This style is perfectly suited to the needs of today's life and the routines of the contemporary world. Let the brick walls live and the touches of fine coquetry like the ethnic fabrics on the beautiful black leather sofa.

8. A very artistic room

Obviously, the general essence of this living room is, in short, very artistic, creative, unique, original, risky, daring, contemporary, modern and current. It is clear that it is those abstract paintings that steal the show because of its size and colour, right?

9. Touches that make the difference

That chandelier pendant is the cherry on the cake, the detail of fine coquetry and the touch gives this living room a zesty flavour. We love those art pieces—unique, fun and different! Impossible not to look at that lamp as soon as you enter this room right? 

10. 100% minimalism

Here is another type of L-shaped sofa design somewhat different and distinctive. We love the contrast of colour between the black of the living room and the white of the dining room. - very minimalist. This room tells a lot about its owners and tells us that, in essence, they are people who are aware of the decorative and design trends.

11. Original Ideas, Design and Decorations

LIVING ROOM homify Tropical style living room



Who said that all the coffee tables should be rectangular or square or all the same? Here is a beautiful and clear example that you can play with shapes and dare and encourage them to get out of the mold and shell to get different results. And what about those unique and original pendant lamps? We can only say that they look beautiful!

12. And speaking of beautiful lamps…

Private apartment in Milan CityLife complex Studio Marco Piva Modern living room
Studio Marco Piva

Private apartment in Milan CityLife complex

Studio Marco Piva

These hanging lamps, together, manage to evoke a very romantic and at the same time sophisticated mood. Likewise, we love the shape of the coffee table; Do you see that coffee tables, besides square and rectangular, can be circular, triangular or as you wish?

13. An ethnic style and full of mystery

This room has stolen our hearts by its ethnic essence that manages to combine various ethnic designs in a mystical, mysterious and bohemian way. It's amazing what home decor and, in this case, a living room can say about its owners, right?

14. And speaking of coffee tables…

Here is an example of not only having the coffee table you're used to, but also mixing and matching the different geometric shapes with each other to get a very cool and modern look. If something is clear here it's that the favorite colours for this living room are: white, grey, black and neutral tones.

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Which living room decor do you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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