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15 pictures of exterior gates for your house

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A humble gate standing outside braving the heat, cold and rain is an introduction to your home and your personality. Even the strangers passing through it could see it and make an impression about you. Amazing gates instantaneously bring admiration. You cannot ignore its importance as it characterizes your home.

Today, in this ideabook we have brought for you 15 images of gates made of different materials and style. Choose the one that inspires you the most and goes well with your home architecture. Have a look!

1. ​A functional one

The primary reason to have a gate is for security. It should be strong and sturdy sending a clear message that trespassing is not allowed. This iron and wood gate is just for it.

2. ​In harmony with the surrounding

Though iron, wood and metal are popular choices for the gates, it will be a great idea to harmonize it with the architecture of your house. Choose the style you want: modern, classic, colonial or rustic; after all it is your gate.

3. ​Size is important

It is important to select the size of the gate according to your requirement and convenience. If you have a small space, go for folding, sliding and roller gates. But if you have large area in the front, you may like to go for swinging gates. Consult a professional if you have any doubt about it.

4. ​Classical wood

Wood is an all time favorite because of its natural charm and warmth. It is the most sought after material for making charming house gate models, especially for Indian homes. The wooden gate is a good choice for its versatile nature as it goes well with all type of materials and suits all architectural style too.

5. ​Strength of iron

Wrought iron gained its popularity during industrial era and slowly entered our homes too. The iron gates are strong and sturdy. However, the designers appreciate its malleable property which had made it possible for them to show their creativity when working with it. Thousands of design can be created on the wrought iron gate. Just go for it.

6. ​Sculpting the wrought iron

It is a great art work on this gate. The matt-style looks amazing. It certainly shows that wrought iron can be used in an interesting way when building a home.

7. Smooth metallic finish

The smooth metals are a perfect choice for its elegance, modern looks and the security it guarantees. One of the advantages of having a metal gate is that you can paint it with the color of your choice and it will shine. Just go for that aesthetic feel it has!

8. ​Sensationalize your home

The classic combination of black and white never fails to mesmerize us. See how marvellous the black gate looks against the white backdrop. It will leave the passersby spellbound.

9. ​Medley of materials

The entrance is the first impression of your home. So invest to make it look attractive. Be bold and use the combination of materials, and see how elegant it looks.

10. Simply majestic

How majestic it looks! A proper combination of materials with outstanding detailing has completely transformed the look of the house too. Its beauty will surely enhance in the evenings when it is illuminated with beautiful lights.

11. ​Playing with metal

If you like the subtle, refined and bold look; then play with the metals. Mould it, shape it and color it the way you want; it will look amazing.

12. ​Inspiration from the nature

Nature is the greatest inspiration for us! So why get inspired from it and design a gate with leaf motifs on it. The lattice work will look great and will maintain your privacy in a delicate and beautiful way.

13. Another leaf from the nature

Here is another idea to bring the nature down in your gate.

14. ​Modern and fashionable

Break the hardness of metal but with style. The pattern on the hard metal gate is adding lightness and creating a drama right at the entrance. It is modern, fashionable, original and above all fascinating.

15. As unique as you

The entrance gates can be as unique as your personality. There is nothing wrong in copying the ideas that you really like. Steel this idea from here and captivate everyone imagination. Let them guess from where you got this amazing idea: game, art show or some science fiction movie.

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Some more attractive designs

Here is another smart house gate that will perfectly complement your modern house while offering immense protection. Made with strong wood, this beautiful gate features glass as well as finely crafted metal panel in the center, and together they lend an unmatched elegance. Also, such large front doors are accompanied with long metal handles that make it easier for you to open and close them.

For those who desire a simple yet modern gate design, this might just be the right choice. The professionals have used natural wood and stainless steel to produce a robust structure. In addition, its see-through construction adds an aesthetic flair while generating curiosity in the mind of the passerby. Also, the elegant design of the gate aligns well with the plain white exterior of the house.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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