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7 ideas to beautify the entrance of your home

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The entrance of the house creates the first impression about the overall atmosphere within the home. We want our home entrance not only to look pleasing but also to appear welcoming to our guests. The entrance is like a preview of the décor one can expect in the rest of the house. It lays down the expectations of the home's character and gives an idea of what will be encountered inside. It needs to be compatible with the decor of the rest of the home, besides looking spacious and inviting.

In the past, other rooms, such as the living room were given extreme importance, and hallways and other areas such as corridors and balconies were bypassed or decorated with just the basics. However, we believe that the home should be decorated completely. Even in an unrelated area, we need to upholster furniture so that it matches the décor theme in other areas. It also makes it easier to appreciate the overall atmosphere of the house.

Today, we have prepared a collection of beautiful and simple ideas, to inspire our readers to renew boring and featureless entrances.

1. A striking vase or a large potted plant

A potted plant, flowers or trees are perhaps the perfect choices for home entrances. Trees are fresh, creating a soothing effect, but they can’t be placed without stifling or crowding the hallway, unless the home is designed to accommodate it. If you can’t have a tree in the entrance, live plants that can survive indoors with the daylight are the best option. Alternatively, you can get superior-quality artificial flowers that are so good they can be mistaken for natural ones.

2. Unique artwork and different wall colours

This entrance is brought together by the different colours painted on a wall. The entrance has lilac, while white is preferred on the other wall. Two black-and-white photographs, a blue sculptural accessory that is strikingly contrasted by the black base color of the shelf and a black stylized figure in the background complete the look. Feel free to experiment with colours and forms.

3. Antique-looking bust and candles in stylish glass jars

If you like antiques or vintage decor accessories, instead of modern art and sculpture forms, you can choose this kind of look. This hallway is magnificent with a bust of Alexander the Great placed on a vintage-style dresser, with an antique mirror and decorative candles completing the look.

4. An elegant dresser with a companion mirror

If the primary problem of your entrance is the lack of storage and not style, you can use elegant dressers combined with mirrors to achieve a good result, like in this image. Decorate the dresser with a vase, bowl or candles to add to its sophistication.

5. Eye-catching wallpaper

Another idea for making your entrance attract attention is to cover it with wallpaper. You’ll find a range of styles from which you can choose a suitable pattern.

6. Patterns on the floor with vinyl coating

Reasonably priced and one of the most popular flooring materials of earlier times, vinyl is ideal because it can be rapidly implemented. It has made a comeback in recent years with a variety of designs! You’ll find endless options, from traditional designs reminiscent of the old style to modern geometric-patterned tiles. The new-generation vinyl floor coverings come with easy-to-clean features, affordable price, and may be preferred because they present a soft, cushioned feel under the feet.

7. A dark, stylish carpet

A large carpet or rug placed to gather the dirt or mud in the entrance to the house will not only prevent the area from getting dirty but also make it appear very stylish. It is advisable to choose the colour of the carpet in this area with care as it will get dirty quicker than carpets in other rooms in the house. Let's not forget that it will require professional cleaning at regular intervals.

See Hallway runners and rugs for more ideas on using carpets in your entrance.

Which of these ideas will you pick for your hallway? Respond in the comments.

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