15 ideas to transform your kitchen

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Transforming a kitchen is not just about adding fancy counters and modern looking appliances. But there are numerous other things that you can try to make it look beautiful in an instance. Apart from this these ideas are also some of the most inexpensive ways of decorating your kitchen. 

So if you want to know about these simple tips then here are 15 pictures that you can consider.

1. Window curtains

If you have windows in your kitchen than covering them up with similar looking curtains is also an excellent idea. This will help make your kitchen look fantastic but will also keep it cooler than usual.

2. Paintings

Paintings are not just for the living or dining rooms rather you can also hang them in your kitchen. Whether it is a painting of a flower of fruits you can choose whatever pictures you love the most to hang on the main wall of your kitchen.

3. Pallet wood

Using natural pallet wood for creating your kitchen storage will also help you give a unique look. These wood pieces are easily available and are also inexpensive which makes it an excellent choice for the transformation process.

4. Backsplash

You can also add a backsplash above your counters to give your kitchen a beautiful touch. These backsplashes can be created using tiles or water resistant materials which are available in different designs.

5. Floor tiles

The floor of your kitchen also helps transform the entire room.  By using similar looking designer tiles, you will be able to incorporate a beautiful element in your kitchen.

6. Vibrant colours

For those of you who love colourful objects, painting your kitchen counters with bright colours is another great alternative to making it look beautiful. The designer of this kitchen has used a combination of white and red to make the kitchen counters stand out.

7. Plants

Adding potted plants wherever possible in your kitchen is also highly recommended if you are looking to incorporate a natural touch into the room. These plants can display locally grown flowers or shrubs depending on the size of your kitchen.

8. Light fixtures

Modern looking light fixtures can also help transform your kitchen in an instance. The designer for this kitchen has used steel lampshade to make the kitchen look customised and also give it an industrial feel.

9. Wooden counter

Using wood to create your countertops is worth a shot especially if you are looking for durability. This counters are not only long-lasting but are also easy to maintain as they can be cleaned using a wet cloth.

10. Modern furniture

Adding modern pieces of furniture to your kitchen can make it look fabulous. As seen in the picture the designer has added transparent chairs and a dining table to give the place a unique feel.

11. Wallpaper

If you do not want to reconstruct your kitchen or make significant changes then opting for a wallpaper is also a perfect choice. These wallpapers are available in different designs like the natural stone one which has been used for this kitchen.

12. Utility baskets

Utility baskets are another great accessory that can help transform your kitchen. These baskets are made out of different materials so you can opt for the one you like the most. Apart from this using these baskets will also help keep your kitchen organized.

13. Floor mats

Although carpets are not meant for the kitchen but using similar looking floor mats is a great alternative for covering your kitchen floor. These mats will protect your floor from stains and dust.

14. Colourful furniture

It is not always important that you have base colour furniture in your kitchen. Rather using vibrant pieces of furniture like seen in the picture can add a great touch to your kitchen and will also make it look lively.

15. Sleek table

If you do not have much space in your kitchen and are looking to make it multi-functional then building a medium-rise sleek table like this is also worth a shot. This table can also be used as a breakfast counter.

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