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5 gorgeous bathtub designs

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Bathtubs make the bathroom experience more relaxing and add a sense of luxury to a home. Choosing the most suitable bathtub for your bathroom depends largely on the design you like best. You may choose a bathtub based on its aesthetics, practicality, or health and environmental benefits. 

Let's browse through some of these gorgeous bathtub designs and daydream about luxuriating and soaking in them. 

Funky bathtubs

These funky bathtubs will add a splash of color to your bathroom and give it a modern feel. It's unusual for bathtubs to have colors like orange and red, but the surprise element adds bubbles of fun and delight. 

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Minimalist bathtub

The minimalist concept of this bathtub is revealed in the compact modern design where it's seamlessly connected to the sink area in a sleek fashion.Illuminated with an aqua marine neon glow, this bathtub feels like diving into the depths of the ocean of relaxation. 

Storage is convenient and practical in this bathtub design. The sides of the bathtub are usually cluttered with soaps and oils, and it's just not as relaxing when you knock over some bottles into the bathtub. With this bathtub design, space is cleared up to have an arm rest and a relaxing bath.  

Copper bathtub




This copper bathtub is a worthwhile indulgence because of the metal's health benefits and its aesthetics. Copper bathtubs are in vogue and a part of traditional heritage. This unique blend gives the bathtub design a rustic elegance.

Copper is an elemental metal with a vibrant natural color of orange and red. It has many good health benefits and antimicrobial properties which makes it perfect for a bathtub. Copper is an anti-inflammatory remedy for diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Our body easily absorbs copper when our skin comes in contact with it, which is great because our modern diets often lack trace minerals like copper. 

The excellent corrosion resistance of copper make the bathtubs long-lasting, and is another good reason to opt for a copper bathtub. Another advantage of choosing a copper bathtub is that it is recyclable and environmentally friendly.  

Houzdecor, interior designers and decorators in Bangalore, have copper bathtubs ranging from 52 kilograms onwards. The same design is also available in brass and aluminium. 

Natural river stone bathtub

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Bring the river to your bathroom with this natural river stone bathtub from Indonesia. Luxuriate in nature's cradle, polished to smooth perfection on the inside and exuding a raw beauty on the outside. 

This unique bathtub design has a rustic charm that is comforting and cozy, perhaps because it reminds us of being in nature. The unusual tap and the way the water flows into the bathtub allows you to really enjoy the flowing water like how one would enjoy a waterfall or river. 

The unassuming bathtub

We call this the unassuming bathtub because it holds a distinct simple elegance that doesn't scream for attention although it is beautifully designed, yet doesn't go unnoticed either. This bathtub is like a natural woman with beautiful curves waiting to be turned on. 

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