14 fresh ideas to transform your bathroom this summer!

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Summer is here to stay and that too for long. Time has arrived to give your bathroom that much needed make-over to make it new and fresh. You must be having some great ideas and plans for your bathroom if you are planning to renovate it. But we the Homify professionals too have brought 14 amazing ideas to inspire you and help in making your bathroom summer fresh. 

Have a look!

1. From incompatible to compatible

In the first bathroom, the conflict between the two different shades of red in curtain and carpet is an eye-sore. The black pattern running on the white tiles is obsolete. The transformation of this bathroom is quite impressive and modern. Wood has brought the warmth and elegance to the space. Clean tiles, glass vase full of flowers and a beautiful statue looks fresh and in harmony.

An old-fashioned dark color bathroom is transformed into a beautiful space brightened by white. The dark color mosaic tiles and an unattractive blue shower curtain are replaced by white walls and modern glass doors. The bathroom area is enlarged a bit to make room for an elegant and spacious white bathtub. Long mirror on the wall is creating a feeling of space. The sleek wash basin looks great.

3. From awful to awesome

Before - Bathroom homify



The terrible before bathroom has been wonderfully transformed into an amazing after bathroom. The soft-toned shiny walls glowing with the spotlights on the ceiling complement the warm wooden cabinets, steel fittings, and huge mirror and glass doors. It is stylish!

4. ​Accessorize it right

Whatever you are planning to change in your bathroom, just make sure that it is compatible with the things you have planned to keep. Take a clue from here. See how the shape of the mirror has been matched with the countertop of the wash basin.

5.​Playing with the light

A proper lighting can have a huge impact. You don’t have to change the tiles, fittings or anything. Use your creativity and change the lights and see the magic.

6. ​Detailing it in style

A mirror and a cabinet can change the whole ambience of the bathroom. In this bathroom, a beautiful and functional cabinet, the fine detailing around the large mirror and two lamps adorning it completes the luxury.

7. Pictures on the wall

We hardly think of decorating the bathroom walls with pictures. Isn’t it? As a result the only decoration it has is in the form of bathroom essentials. This time change the look of the bathroom walls by hanging a few beautifully framed pictures and see how lively it looks.

8. ​Sparkling in gold

Golden color looks classic and regal. Give your bathroom a golden make-over. It will look magnificent.

9. ​Color on the floor

The easiest way to make the change noticeable is by adding popping colors into the space. The colorful patterned floor bubbling with life will add drama to your bathroom.

10. ​Niches on the wall

Sufficient storing space is a problem in a small bathroom. A proper cabinet or shelves are space consuming solutions. Create niches on the wall to store the toiletries and keep it organized.

11. ​Stretched out counter top

It is a stylish way to create more storage space in a small bathroom. The marble counter top has been extended to make use of the empty wall.

12. Choosing the right color

Mosaic floor tiles complemented with subtle color stones and tiles will add an interesting flair to your bathroom. The picture proves it.

13. ​Organizing it with drawers

No one likes a cluttered bathroom no matter how beautiful it is. Do you? A functional drawer helps to keep it organized. An organized space is always attractive.

14. ​Vibrantly alive

Even a small part of vibrantly colored wall can make a huge difference. How lively this bathroom looks!

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Do you have more ideas to transform the look of a bathroom? We are waiting to hear from you.

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