10 budget friendly kitchen decor ideas for Indian homes

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Kitchen decor comes masqueraded in a multitude of subliminal forms. One such form takes into account the money factor, leaving you without a hole burnt your pocket. Nifty little tricks to spruce up your kitchen are right up the sleeves of the chief curators here at homify. So before you tear up at the lack of a decent budget, we'll have you tearing up at the sheer brilliance of these ideas. 

1. Monolithic tilling options

Why settle for plain old kitchen tiles when you can, for a fact end up with a kitchen as suave as this one? The pride of this kitchen remains to be the monolithic tiles that run across the kitchen counter. Colorful hues tend to bring about an ambiance of warmth which this aqua hue manages to do fairly well.  

2. Catchy phrases have a way of wining hearts

Clever headlines always seem to bring about a smile. A smile is the best ask that can come off a kitchen. So before you go on a lavish spree to procure decor, think about what something as simple as this can do for you. 

3. Order by category

Decor does not necessarily restrict focus to the outward appearance of a kitchen. Categorizing cutlery and utensils comes with perks of their own that require no elaboration.  

4. Decor you can eat!

Now that's something money doesn't necessarily have to buy. Cultivate your own herbs and spices in the comfort of your kitchen. I'm thinking you know what happens when things get too wild in the kitchen. It's snip snip and into your dip! Forgot to do the groceries, well, that's not a problem anymore. 

5. Integrated shelves

Integrate a shelf within the gaps of your kitchen counter. This ensures that you can store a larger number of articles in your kitchen. Picking out a colorful one would add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. 

6. Reclaim old furniture

If you find that space isn't exactly on your side, then you can opt for this next trick. Spruce up an old coffee table by repainting it. Storage on wheels, now that's mobility!

7. Natural lighting

дизайн студии в скандинавском стиле, sreda sreda Scandinavian style kitchen

The touch of grace that comes off sun kissed kitchens speak for themselves. Position your kitchen so as to maximize on natural light.

8. Asymmetric wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in handy at times when monotony simply won't do. This spares you the onus of repainting your kitchen every time a change comes calling. 

9. The play on shelves

If the kitchen in your home doesn't allow for cabins to be made, then make use of shelves. This could work in your favor, particularly if you pick out your cutlery wisely. 

10. Porcelain cutlery

The dining table is subject to decor too, wouldn't you say? Pick out pretty porcelain cutlery to bring life to your dining table. 

Here's an ideabook for more insight.  

Are space constraints a boon or a bane? Let's hear from you. 

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