16 rustic and charming staircase that you will love!

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Remember… the stairways that captivated you during your visit to a palace, jungle resort or a humble village home. You secretly wished to have it in your home, but were apprehensive to have these rustic looking staircases in your very modern and stylish city home. Isn’t it so?

Old world charm has always fascinated us and inspired our designs. We love everything natural- stones, wood, concrete, open brick and classic raw materials. Even the Homify professionals love it and take inspirations from it! Today we have brought 16 beautiful rustic stairways idea that will definitely ignite your imagination and creativity and make you fall in love with it.

Let’s take a trip and get inspired.

1. ​Natural charm of wood and glass

Paneled wooden steps with solid wood railing on one side and glass railing on the other is a great way to combine rusticity with modernity.

2. ​Three is not a crowd

Three will never be a crowd if it blends perfectly. This is exactly what’s happening here. Straight stairs made up of burnt cement, bare and rough stone supporting its climb and modern and warm wooden flooring beneath; it is a perfect mix of all era.

3. ​Wood and metal

staircase made up of wood and concrete looks quite rustic. The neat shape of straight stairs with metal rail guarding it is simple and natural. It is complemented well with the white walls and old traditional objects on display near it.

4. ​Winding wooden stairway

A modern home with an old world charm, this house has retained the glory of both the world. Red wood stairways emerging from the shiny marble floor seems to be floating in the air as it twist and turn to make its path towards the wooden ceiling.

5. Stairways to heaven

The uneven shape of wooden steps adorned by a beautiful indoor garden; this is really amazing.

6. ​A childhood memory

These strong and splendid floating wooden stairs are straight pick from your grandparents’ village home. Isn’t it? It is in perfect harmony with the raw brick floor and ceramic vessels that adorns the floor beneath the stairs.

7. ​A slice of the countryside

Iron handrails guarding the cement stairs complements the stone walls and the earthy tone of it. The furniture, the niches on the wall and the decoration pieces adorning it; it is captivating.

8. ​From the ‘Jungle Book’

It is clearly rustic! Wood, stone and probably iron nails to fix them, it is naturally beautiful.

9. ​Smoothly rough

Smooth polished wooden stairway is beautifully contrasted by the roughness of the open brick wall. It looks amazing!

10. ​Best of both worlds

The dark wood staircase sandwiched between an open brick wall and stainless steel railings; the result… stunning.

11. ​Floating concrete

Concrete is a natural material which is considered to be very rustic in the modern world. Floating steps of concrete is perfectly in harmony with the shiny white stones laid beneath it and a wooden handrail to support the climb.

12. ​Simple is elegant

Some stairs are so simple that it seems to be there just for joining two floors. This staircase made of wood is a perfect example of it. The only difference is that it looks rustic, modern and marvelous.

13. ​Clearly natural

This stairway shows what rusticity is all about. The wood seems to be kept in its natural and original form, untouched and unpolished.

14. Say it with wood

Solid wood is everywhere. This stairs in pure wood is warm and strong. Even the railing is made of wood and it looks honest and beautiful.

15. ​Right from the Stone Age

This one is for the nature lover. Rough stones have a strong presence in and around the stairway. It will declare your love for nature and everything natural.

16. ​In harmony with the surrounding

A very basic simple wooden stairs is mishmash of a few vertical and horizontal lines. The beauty of the staircase lies in its harmony with the house and in its simplicity.

If you are looking for inspirations for modern stairways, then this ideabook is for you: 36 Beautiful images of modern staircases at home

Which of these staircase designs inspired you? We are waiting for your response.

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