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14 beautiful ideas for your television

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Televisions are a staple in every home. But have you ever wondered how you can use yours make your home look more beautiful? There are some innovative and beautiful decorating ideas that you can use to make your television a part of your home’s décor. Read on for some inspiring ideas on where or how to place your TV to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

1. Classic

Give your living room a classic look by placing your television above a beautifully-crafted chest of drawers. You can place decorative items like photo frames, vases or small sculptures to make the room look more appealing. Use your TV set as a showcase and create a classic, elegant style.

2. Butterfly

If you are open to trying something a little unique, paint a butterfly pattern on your wall and place your television on it. Place a table or cabinet under it to show off your decorative items or place books, magazines, etc.

3. Modern

If you prefer a more modern look and feel in your home, build a tall cabinet with shelves placed randomly. It will be a stylish way to place your television and have a functional storage space for your entertainment system. It will look unusual, but that is the beauty of it.

4. Work of Art

If you are into art, this is the idea for you. Dedicate one wall to create a space for your television and turn it to a work of art rather than a mere electronic system. For instance, paint that wall with a neutral colour and give it some texture. Place your TV unit on it and voila, you have a TV that looks more like a piece of art than just a television set.

5. Simple elegance

You do not need to do a lot to place your television in a room and make it look elegant. All you have to do is hang your TV on the wall and place a simple cabinet beneath with simple yet elegant pieces of décor. A simple arrangement can totally transform the space and make it look sophisticated.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

6. Transverse Placement

If you have long walls in your TV room, divide them into sections. Place your television on one of the walls and use the other sections to hang paintings or build shelves on both sides of the TV. You create space to place your TV as well as different items but still make the room look stylish.

7. Geometry

Use geometry as inspiration to create a space for your television. Hang your TV on a wall and place a long but small shelve both above and below your set. Use the shelves for storing DVDs, your DVD player, etc. Add a few knick-knacks and you have a well-designed room where you can lay back and watch your favourite shows or movies.

8. Contemporary cosy

Build a wooden frame for a wall with one shelf on top and a fireplace below and place your television below the shelf. Add modern furniture pieces of furniture, like a marble-top table and a bright chair combined with comfy couches or sofas in neutral colours. Your space will look cosy yet contemporary.

9. Stylish mat

Give your TV room a unique and comfortable look and feel with furniture in soft colors, like beige, and place a mat in the center of the room. Add small ceiling lights to add glow and ambience to the room. Sounds simple but you will love the results.

10. Continuation of Your Landscape

Are wondering how you can make your television a continuation of your landscape? Easy! You need big, wide windows. Place your TV set in front of the window and you can enjoy the view of your outdoor space and watch your favorite shows at the same time.

11. Wood platform

Build a low wooden platform to place your television set with a stone wall behind. This will create a modern yet warm and welcoming atmosphere for your TV room. Add comfy contemporary furniture pieces and you have a beautiful room to relax with your family.

12. Avant Garde

Use the flair and beauty of avant garde furniture to place your television and create a striking space for relaxing. You will love the elegance it brings to the room, and so will your family and guests.

13. Full-Fledged Unit

Build a full-fledged unit for your television set and other decorative items. Add shelves and drawers to the unit for functionality. Place a few decorative pieces and photo frames to give your room minimalistic sophistication.

14. Library and TV Unit

If you have a collection of books, install a unit that can hold both your books and your television set. This is a functional yet appealing way to create a neat space that has everything you need. This is the perfect idea for rooms with large walls.

As you can see, the room you place your television in does not have to look boring. With a few simple ideas, you can create a functional yet beautiful room where you can relax and be entertained.

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