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6 simple yet classic small kitchen remodelling ideas

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The kitchen is the heart of every house. While most of us desire a large kitchen, fret not if you do not own one. A small orderly kitchen is as efficient as a large one. You can design extra storage areas in the kitchen by using additional benches, and folding models, or exploring multi-purpose furniture solutions. In this article, we present to your 6 smart solutions to make the best of your small kitchen. Read on for more.

1. A small yet practical kitchen

This small L shaped model in neutral colours acts as a tabletop and has a great amount of detailing. There are a number of wooden kitchen cabinets that create a warm atmosphere with natural colours and textures on the shelves. Using light colours for the kitchen walls, ceiling and flooring helps reduce the boundaries of perception and makes way for a broader and larger feel. If you do not want to go in for dark shades of brown, you will do good in picking a shade as in the design idea.

2 Wall colours and patterns, simplicity in closet

Now, this is a design that will add appeal to your kitchen and eating area. It spruces up the looks and has a very modern appeal. Go out of the box and pick a not so common flooring colour. Choose attractive wall tile patterns to create a warm atmosphere. If you have a small kitchen, paint the walls in cream or any other light colour and coordinate the cabinets in the same colour. This will create the right contrast with your colourful wall tiles.

3. Locate the extra space for kitchen appliances, to save bench space

You can use the space in your kitchen wisely to maximise the work area. If you have a really small kitchen countertop, use your cabinets wisely. You can use empty spaces to store your over or hang up your water purifier. Use natural colour tones to create a look that is easy on the eyes in a small kitchen. Pick colours like hues of brown, cream and beige for a spectacular look. The walls and lower cabinets can take on a neutral shade like white that will contrast beautifully with the kitchen top and cabinets above.

4. Change the atmosphere of your kitchen with lighting elements

You can make your kitchen more spacious and heartwarming by using lighting elements wrapped in white. This exudes a sophisticated aura. Use yellow lighting if you want to achieve the look of a sun lit room. For a more eye catching look, use white lights. Transparent or frosted glass to cover a few shelves will add to the glamor of your small kitchen.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. Storage systems floor to ceiling

If space is a real constraint, you can adopt a U-shaped kitchen countertop design in light tones. Allow for natural light to flood in to give the room a uniform and fresh appearance. You can also gain extra floor space by extending your wall shelves and cabinets from the floor right up to the ceiling which also doubles as larger storage areas. Take inspiration from this beautiful kitchen idea from a talented kitchen planner.

6. Evaluate the dead and empty fields

With some creativity and ingenuity, you can transform the edges and corners of your room to make it more functional. Asses the dead and empty spaces on the walls and your floor too. Use shelving systems and integrate kitchen appliances into your cabinets for a more elegant look. You can also design hidden drawers to maximise dead space. These spaces can be used to make additional racks and shelves that have multipurpose use.

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