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A charming and well planned home for an Indian family

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Ilkley Road, Ininside Ininside Modern garden
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Are you looking for some unique ideas for your Indian project? Then this Japanese style house by the interior architects at Ininside, will surely inspire you. Surrounded by lush greenery, this house is a harmonious balance of traditional and contemporary Japanese designs. The garden features two beautiful water bodies and ensures a Zen appeal with rocks and gravel. Beige and grey shades dominate the interiors, and neat lines and modern designs add to the attraction. Wood appears here and there to infuse warmth into the home’s ambiance. The bar looks unique, while the bathrooms are compact but very practical.

Wooden warmth

The slatted wooden fencing of the garden makes a warm and cosy statement. This natural material goes well with the dense vegetation as well.

Jewel in the woods

Nestled amidst verdant grass and tall trees, this house promises unique comforts and a leisurely life. Earthy red exterior walls and terracotta tiles on the roof complement the surrounding greenery nicely.

Zen touch

In one corner of the garden is this charming pond bordered with rugged rocks, lending a Zen feel to this home. The artificial waterfall has also been crafted innovatively. A gravelly path leads to this pond and complements the large stones.

Poolside bliss

The irregular shape and serene blue waters of this pool make a stunning statement in the garden. Tall trees, bushes and manicured grass surround the water body for a refreshing feel.

Relaxing terrace

Rendered chiefly with wood, this spacious terrace looks warm and cosy. Modern rattan furniture, colourful cushions and brick columns create a rustic and lively setting. You can spend hours here admiring the garden and listening to birds.

Trendy bar

A circular wooden shelf for wine bottles is the main attraction of this home bar. Floating glass shelves, smooth wooden cabinets, trendy stools and a pretty Asian bamboo artwork complete the look here.

Stylish doors

Sliding glass doors set in robust but stylish metal frames separate the different functional areas inside the house. These save on floor area when they open or close, and allow light to pass through easily too.

Beautiful kitchen

Light and dark hues have been combined tastefully to make this kitchen a sight for hungry eyes. Inbuilt niches for appliances and a wide counter with inbuilt cabinets and shelves lend tons of functionality to this space. A wall rack holds all ladles, while bright lights add to the convenience factor.

Here’s another view of the kitchen. Note how the wood and white colour scheme looks so inviting, while the shiny black countertops offer contrast. Long banks of windows bring in lots of sunlight.

Pretty things

Colourful and even playful crockery add Japanese authenticity to this residence. Beautiful teapots, jugs and cups make for a unique decorative display too.

Modern bathroom

Neat grey and white tiles make this small bathroom look attractive and full of personality. Glass shower doors allow light to flow freely, making the bathroom appear bright and airy.

Bold touch

A bunch of bright red flowers adds both boldness and life to this otherwise simple bathroom. The neat sink cabinet is very storage-friendly.

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