10 great ideas to design your cupboards and wardrobes

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Planning and designing each room of your home is not just time consuming but is also painstakingly slow and needs your full attention. This is because there are several factors that need to be considered, starting from colours to distribution and let us not forget choosing the right type of furniture.

We dedicate this idea book to discuss one of the most difficult areas of the house that need to be ordered and well planned. Yes, you guessed it right- “Closets”.

We unravel 8 really cook designs for dressing rooms with inbuilt closets, custom-made with slots for every garment and accessory in your wardrobe. What’s more? These closets do not take up much space and keep your things organised. Let's take a look!

1. After a mirror

Mirrors have a great way of making any space small or big bright and making it look bigger. Doors that are lined with mirrors not just make a nice spot to dress up, but is also a nifty way to store your long dresses and shoes.

2. Order racks

This is a relaxed yet modernistic design. The bare shelves let you organise various accessories and objects to serve as a decoration of the room. And, your clothes and shoes and even towels can go behind the sliding wooden doors.

3. Ideal for younger members of the family

If you have young children at home, this style of closet is ideal. It has a number of shelves and drawers and enough room to order and store clothes, shoes, and even toys, books and school supplies.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

4. Neutral and elegant

If you are seeking continuity and breadth to the space of your room, this ideas is just for you. The modern design blends with the walls of the room and the absence of elements creates a seamless and elegant look.

5. Glass cabinets

Using glass in your room gives it a fresh and renewed feel. Glass is light and gives a modern touch to any space. If you want your room to have a bright and pleasant aura, do away with your cabinet’s doors and replace it with sliding frosted glass doors.

6. Sensational

This is a design that is perfect for those who like order and perfection. This design too incorporates glass, but a transparent variant. You can play with colours, accessories and clothes and integrate them to decorate your room.

7. Boutique style

The designers of this closet deserve a pat on the back. It oozes of elegance, modernity and luxury thanks to its crystal clear shelves that carry shoes and bags to give your room a boutique like look.  Here, again crystal flooded with light lends a beautiful shine to the rest of the dressing space.

8. The charm of minimalism

This is an immaculate and perfect design for those who prefer a modern, sophisticated yet minimalistic design. The doors and windows of this cabinet convey a fresh, relaxing and sensational feeling. Certainly the most ideal dressing that money can buy.

9. Small but with dramatic lighting

This classy dressing room, though small is spectacular thanks to the combination of wood of different tones and hues. The LED lighting and the modern label printing make it all the more classy and exquisite.

10. In the bathroom and a couple

Many people like to dress in the bathroom as soon as they are out of the shower. If you are one of those many people, you will love this design. This closet lets you hang your clothes ready to be worn and hand raises the design of the bath to an all new level.

For more closet ideas, visit this link.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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