7 amazing staircase ideas for small homes

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The escalating property prices and scarcity of space has affected the modern architecture immensely. The homes are now growing vertically. In the vertical homes, even if the house is small and we don’t have sufficient space, we still need stairs to keep the various levels of the home connected. Now the question is whether we can have beautiful stairs in small homes too?

Surely we can! In fact the small homes challenge your creativity and encourage you think differently while building up the stairs. Design the stairs so that it is not just a bunch of steps connecting your home. Make it an attractive art piece that defines your personality and shows your aesthetic sense. If you need some ideas to do so, here are the pictures of 7 amazing staircase for small homes.

Get impressed and inspired!

​Black beauty

If your home already has the concrete stairs and you can’t replace it with something new, renovate it to make it colorful and shiny. The black shiny staircase with glass railing is a smart way to make it look attractive.

​Hanging in the air

The clean design of this wooden staircase looks modern and chic. It is perfect for a small home. It is compact and with lots of free space to give that spacious feeling. The open and clear space beneath the steps can be used for multiple purposes. It all depends on how you want to flaunt it.

Inspired from the nature

The rustic charm of this staircase is natural and blends well with its surroundings. This innovative idea looks real and stunning. Your creativity will either be envied by your friends and neighbors or they will be seeking your wisdom when renovating their home.

​Simple is elegant

This simple staircase is just made of vertical and horizontal wooden panels. But what could have been mishmash of wood, has turned up into an amazingly beautiful staircase complemented well with a bright red wall in the backdrop and warm wooden floor beneath. It is elegant and perfect for small Indian home!

​Branching the steps

Is it a staircase or a modern art moving from one level to another? Be creative and bold and make the staircase of your small home a piece of modern art and be a proud creator of that sculptured beauty.

​Turning twister

A curvaceous staircase in metal and wood is a smart and creative way to construct stairways in a small space. Spiralling up the stairs especially when it is fabulously lit will make you fill proud of your right choice.

Less is more

It is simple, clean, uncluttered and very modern. Minimalist is the new approach of modern day professionals. They strongly believe that less is more. See it to believe it! Isn't it marvelous?

Look out for this ideabook if you need more inspirations.

Which of these staircase designs inspired you? We are waiting for your response.

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