7 creative ways to light up your kitchen

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When the evening descends and we move around our home switching on the lights, the house feels different and lively. Then, as we move to our kitchen to cook dinner for the family, we look forward to feeling the same change over there too. Isn’t it? Change is beautiful. Simple changes in lighting of the kitchen can make immense impact on its beauty and comfort and to your mood too. Cooking will no longer just be a chore.

Kitchen could be big or small, long or short, open or closed; today we have come up with suggestions for each type of kitchen. Have a look and take some clue from these 7 beautiful pictures to light up your kitchen and make cooking a pleasure.

​Hidden beneath

Lights kept hidden beneath the cabinets will have a dramatic effect in kitchen. With all lights switched on, the kitchen will look completely different from what it looked during the daytime.

​The cooling effect

Kitchen Designs I Nova Infra Modern kitchen
I Nova Infra

Kitchen Designs

I Nova Infra

A kitchen in white, grey and wood with a little splash of bright yellow that sparkle with the hidden lights; it surely will cool your evening time in kitchen. Even the hanging lamps are in harmony and adding to the effect.

Light and shadow

The three hanging pendant lights are perfect for any open kitchen. Just watch the magic on the brick wall when light and shadow play on it. It’s mesmerizing!

​Dazzling bright

Proper lighting can make even a dead space lively. This is already a lively kitchen shining bright. When the proper lighting dazzle the kitchen in the evening, the place feels enliven. It is magical!

​All in a row

Kitchen looking towards guest bathroom GDKdesigns Minimalist kitchen

Kitchen looking towards guest bathroom


What better way to light up a long kitchen than putting lights on the ceiling in a row. It will complement the length of the kitchen and lit it well. The long kitchen will feel longer.

​Caging the light

KITCHEN homify



The beautiful lamps hanging in a row is brightening up the big kitchen. The diffused lighting has further elevated the beauty of this wonderful kitchen.

​Artistically lit




The lights falling on the open brick wall is creating magic in this small kitchen. However, what immediately grab our curiosity is the artistically shaped linear light bulbs fixed up on the ceiling.

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Do you have more amazing ideas to add on to the list? Please share your thoughts below.

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